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Decision Optimization for Cold Chain Logistics of Fresh Agricultural Products under the Perspective of Cost-Benefit

DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1105232, PP. 1-17

Subject Areas: Supply Chain Management

Keywords: Fresh Agricultural Products, Cold Chain Logistics, Interne of Things

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In recent years, the production of fresh agricultural products (FAPs) in our country has been increasing rapidly, but FAPs are badly depleted in circu-lation. Then strengthening the construction of cold chain logistics and im-proving logistics efficiency have become a problem that needs to be solved. This paper studied the decision-making optimization and using the analytical model to the cold chain logistics of FAPs from the perspective of the cost-benefit. Through using numerical analysis, it proves the scientific nature of adopting the Internet of Things technology in practice, which is a cold chain for fresh produce and also provides the fresh agricultural enterprises to provide a theoretical basis for enterprises to invest in Internet technology, which has important application value in improving the efficiency of cold chain logistics of FAPs.

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Ji, Y. (2019). Decision Optimization for Cold Chain Logistics of Fresh Agricultural Products under the Perspective of Cost-Benefit. Open Access Library Journal, 6, e5232. doi:


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