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On the Significance of Standard Model Errors

DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1104164, PP. 1-10

Subject Areas: Theoretical Physics

Keywords: The Standard Model, Electrodynamics, Strong Interactions, Weak Interactions, Error Correction

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The paper discusses the existence of errors in the Standard Model. An adequate amount of examples and references support the arguments. The errors belong to the electromagnetic, strong and weak interactions sectors of the Standard Model. It turns out that this state of affairs is far from being well-known and too many people unjustifiably glorify the Standard Model as an excellent theory. It is explained why a reexamination of the Standard Model can only improve the status of physics.

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Comay, E. (2017). On the Significance of Standard Model Errors. Open Access Library Journal, 4, e4164. doi:


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