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Physicochemical Properties of Edible Seed Hemicelluloses

DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1103683, PP. 1-14

Subject Areas: Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Plant Science, Biodiversity

Keywords: Galactomannan, Xyloglucan, Intrinsic Viscosity, Rheology

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In this work, galactomannans and xyloglucans were isolated from the seed endosperm and cotyledon of Brazilian non-conventional sources, respectively. Extraction yields, monosaccharide ratios, macromolecular parameters and molar mass distributions were determined and compared to commercial guar gum and Locust Bean Gum (LBG). The extraction yield in relation to seed mass ranged from 7.0% to 40.63%, with xyloglucan yields being higher than galactomannan yields. Schizolobium parahyba and Caesalpinia pulcherrima galactomannans exhibited the lowest protein contents, 0.05% and 0.08%, respectively. Flow curves of 1% hemicellulose solutions (w:v) were measured by varying the shear rate from 0.1 to 100 s﹣1. The resulting data were fitted to a Power Law model, and all the hemicelluloses presented shear-thinning behavior. Galactomannans and xyloglucans with different monosaccharide ratios showed similar consistency indices. Rheological properties were also compared, and the results suggest new hemicellulose sources, which can be studied for additional applications in areas such as materials science, medicine and biology.

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Sousa, F. D. D. , Holanda-Araújo, M. L. , Souza, J. R. R. D. , Miranda, R. D. S. , Almeida, R. R. , Gomes-Filho, E. , Pontes-Ricardo, N. M. , Monteiro-Moreira, A. C. O. and Moreira, R. D. A. (2017). Physicochemical Properties of Edible Seed Hemicelluloses. Open Access Library Journal, 4, e3683. doi:


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