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Adenoviruses Type D in Patients with Respiratory Tract Infection Symptoms

DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1103624, PP. 1-10

Subject Areas: Virology, Microbiology

Keywords: Adenovirus Type D, Respiratory Tract Infection, HAdV 8

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Different Human Adenoviruses (HAdV) serotypes are associated with epidemic respiratory infections. The aim of this study was to detect HAdV from patients with respiratory symptoms and typing virus circulating in North of IRAN. Four hundred nasopharyngeal aspirate samples were obtained from patients with respiratory symptoms. Clinical data were collected. After DNA extraction, Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) was done for conserved Hexon region. Positive PCR products were used for sequencing grouping. 37 cases (9.2%) were positives. Clinical symptoms as cough (73%), body (67/6%), and fever (64/9%) were found in 35 infected patients (94/5%) and two patients (15/5%) had no symptoms. All samples were belonged to HAdV of species D (HAdV-8). Prevalence of respiratory adenovirus infection in our area is consistent with other studies in Iran and ocular type of HAdV8 was the frequent adenovirus serotype circulating in acute respiratory disease in Golestan province.

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Javid, N. , Moradi, A. , Mohebbi, A. , Talkhabifard, M. , Kelishadi, M. and Tabarraei, A. (2017). Adenoviruses Type D in Patients with Respiratory Tract Infection Symptoms. Open Access Library Journal, 4, e3624. doi:


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