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Evaluating the Impact of Routing on QoS of VoIP over MANET Wireless Networks

DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1103361, PP. 1-22

Subject Areas: Network Modeling and Simulation

Keywords: MANET, Ad Hoc Wireless Networks, Routing Protocol, VoIP, Queuing, OPNET, Modeling, Simulation

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In this paper, a performance analysis study for VoIP over mobile wireless ad hoc networks (MANET) is carried out using OPNET tool. The AODV, DSR, TORA, OLSR, and GRP routing protocols have been used as candidates to evaluate the impact of routing on quality of service (QoS) of VoIP application over MANET networks. Three different queuing mechanisms (FIFO, PQ, and WFQ) have been used also as nominee of queuing techniques. The VoIP is applied and the QoS is measured in terms of jitter delay, end-to-end packet delay, and wireless LAN media access delay and wireless throughput of 802.11 g technology with 54 Mbps.

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Sllame, A. M. (2017). Evaluating the Impact of Routing on QoS of VoIP over MANET Wireless Networks. Open Access Library Journal, 4, e3361. doi:


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