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Correcting Some Misinterpreted Concepts and Phenomena in Classical and Relativistic Mechanics (Foundational Concepts and Related Phenomena, Generally)

DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1103234, PP. 1-25

Subject Areas: Classical Mechanics

Keywords: Revision of Some Mechanical Concepts

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The topic undertaken in this paper (and probably in some other papers if required for possible future debates) is multi-branched and with various interrelations. It is concerned with the identification and correction of miscellaneous misinterpreted concepts, and with what may appear as some embezzling phenomena, in classical and relativistic mechanics. These include revising the concepts of the independent or dependent existence of matter and its properties, causality and the caused and uncaused states and the fallacy of demanding a cause for the uncaused, relativity of “distance, motion, and interaction” when erroneously absolutised, inertia as an alleged cause of continuation of motion, the imagined fictitious force replacing an overlooked real force, weight under a contact force and unrelated to gravity, the process of weighing based on one of the three effects of a contact force and the catalytic role of gravity in weighing, imparting both rotation and bulge to bodies by inner real centripetal contact forces and not by outer fictitious Newton’s absolute space or Mach’s cosmic masses, the pendulum oscillation of a body as alternating angular displacement imparted by a contact force irrespective of gravity, balance of the rotating top by dissipating the angular displacement effect by rotation, the relativistic principle of equivalence as absolutised relativities of motion and interaction, ascribing two equal gravitational and inertial masses to a single body,… etc. So far these concepts and phenomena do not seem to have been interpreted correctly in the light of the existing well-established mechanical principles. The identification and correction of the contradictions of these concepts and phenomena with the said principles constitute the subject-matter of this work as will be explained in sections [1] [2]. The “fallacies” or “misinterpretations” of the concepts and phenomena mentioned abovefall under the three categories of the general classification below: 1) Relativity of distance, motion, and interaction erroneously replaced with absoluteness in some mechanical concepts and phenomena (absolutised relativities). 2) The two forces and three effects of mechanics causally misrelated in some concepts and phenomena (misrelated causalities). 3) The basic mechanical properties of matter (separate existence, state of motion, and interaction) erroneously ascribed to non-material space, and time, and the related principles of existence, (misplaced properties of space and time). The misinterpretations (fallacies) classified above are contained in, or based on the works of Newton and Einstein. These two scientists enjoy almost untouchable high scientific prestige, but this work will not recognize such a thing as a scientist who is absolutely immune against committing any errors.

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Al-Uboodi, S. T. A. (2017). Correcting Some Misinterpreted Concepts and Phenomena in Classical and Relativistic Mechanics (Foundational Concepts and Related Phenomena, Generally). Open Access Library Journal, 4, e3234. doi:


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