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Successful Treatment of a Supralethal Dose Paraquat Poisoning and Follow-Up Report

DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1102118, PP. 1-7

Subject Areas: Toxicology

Keywords: Paraquat Poisoning, Steroids, Ambroxol, Blood Purification

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Serious exposure to paraquat (more than 10 ml 20% paraquat) usually results in death due to progressive pulmonary fibrosis. We report successful treatment of an 83-year-old male who ingested 50 ml 20% paraquat and the follow-up result after 19 months. Our successful treatment might due to early and enough gastric lavage, superhigh dose of steroids and ambroxol, and early and long process of blood purification. At follow-up, the patient’s general condition, laboratory reports, pulmonary function, and chest radiography remain relatively normal. This successful case suggested that paraquat caused pulmonary fibrosis was reversible, and that paraquat had no long- time side effect to lung, liver, kidney, heart, and marrow if the patient received enough and perfect therapy in time.

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Yuan, F. , Chen, F. , Wang, Y. and Wang, D. (2016). Successful Treatment of a Supralethal Dose Paraquat Poisoning and Follow-Up Report. Open Access Library Journal, 3, e2118. doi:


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