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Guillain Barre and Anesthesia— Intraoperative Disaster?

DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1101822, PP. 1-3

Subject Areas: Anaesthesiology & Pain Management

Keywords: Guillain Barre, Autonomic Dysfunction, Median Sternotomy: Paravertebral Block

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This is the case of a 76 y/o AA man with a past medical history of Hypertension and Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS), who presented for a median sternotomy and excision of a thymic mass after workup for multiple episodes of syncope revealed the thymic mass. Intraoperatively, the patient had 2 episodes of cardiac arrest with asystole. He was adequately resuscitated and extubated. He was later determined by Neurology to have severe autonomic dysfunction and not a candidate for any elective surgery.

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Nwokolo, O. O. , Ghebremichael, S. J. and Guzman-Reyes, S. (2015). Guillain Barre and Anesthesia— Intraoperative Disaster?. Open Access Library Journal, 2, e1822. doi:


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