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Bell’s Palsy “Laqwa”: Survey Based Study

DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1100487, PP. 1-5

Subject Areas: Virology

Keywords: Bell’s Palsy, Knowledge, Sign Symptoms and Treatment

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Bell’s palsy is an acute disorder of the facial nerve in which full or partial loss of the movement on one side of face occurs. The Bell’s palsy gets better without treatment in most, but not all, people. Swelling or inflammation of this nerve can also cause Bell’s palsy. Physical therapies exercise, massage, laser, electrotherapy and thermotherapy used to hasten recovery. Many people who have a Bell’s palsy at first think that they have a stroke. Bell’s palsy is very different to a stroke and full recovery occurs in most cases. People are not aware about this disease therefore we have conduct survey regarding Bell’s palsy, their sign symptoms and treatment in students of pharmacy, science and arts faculties. It is observed that out of 120 students’ only 61.67% students have known about Bell’s palsy. Only 26.67% know the causes, 46.67% know the sings & symptoms on behave of animals & only 33.3% have some knowledge about treatments based mostly on home remedies. It is concluded that the knowledge of Bell’s palsy in students is not enough to dial uncertain mishap pining of the disease & the must aware to the disease to treat other more better otherwise they will not cover fully to this disease.

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Naveed, S. and Tasleem, H. N. (2014). Bell’s Palsy “Laqwa”: Survey Based Study. Open Access Library Journal, 1, e487. doi:


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