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Oct 11, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Single Machine Slack Due-Window Assignment and Scheduling of Linear Time-Dependent Deteriorating Jobs and a Deteriorating Maintenance Activity

Bo Cheng, Ling Cheng
In this paper, we consider the slack due-window assignment model and study a single machine scheduling problem of linear time-dependent deteriorating jobs and a deteriorating maintenance activity. The objective is to find the job schedule having an assigned maintenance activity and due-windows with the minimum total cost consisting of costs of earliness, tardiness, window location and window size. A polynomial-time algorithm is presented in this paper with time complexity for n jobs.

May 05, 2017Open    AccessArticle

Global Optimization of Multivariate Holderian Functions Using Overestimators

Amine Yahyaoui, Hamadi Ammar
This paper deals with the global optimization of several variables Holderian functions. An algorithm using a sequence of overestimators of a single variable objective function was developed converging to the maximum. Then by the use of α-dense curves, we show how to implement this algorithm in a multidimensional optimization

Aug 19, 2016Open    AccessArticle

On Quantitative Approach to Parametric Identifiability of Dual HIV-Parasitoid Infectivity Model

Bassey E. Bassey, Lebedev K. Andreyevich
In this present paper, we proposed and formulated a quantitative approach to parametric identifiability of dual HIV-parasitoid-pathogen infectivity in a novel 5-dimensional algebraic identifiability HIV dynamic model, as against popular 3-dimensional HIV/AIDS models. In this study, ordinary differential equations were explored with analysis conducted via two improved developed techniques—the method of higher-order derivatives (MHO

Sep 07, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Dynamic Models for Addition and Subtraction

Pellumb Kllogjeri, Lindita Kllogjeri
One of the most important features of GeoGebra [1] is the coordination of the geometric and algebraic representations, easily observed in GeoGebra window. Using GeoGebra software the teacher can geometrically and fruitfully teach the concepts and algorithms of arithmetic operations in the elementary school. Our paper focuses on two important operations: addition and subtraction in the set of whole numbers. Using GeoGebra features [2], we visually demonstrate the concepts of these two operations ...

Apr 14, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Transient Solution of M/M/2/N System Subjected to Catastrophe cum Restoration

Dhanesh Garg
In this paper, we study the distribution of the number of times that a finite capacity with equal servers Markovian queuing model catastrophic-cum-restorations reaches its capacity in time t. The occurrence of a catastrophe makes the system empty instantly but the system takes its own time to be ready to accept new customers. This time is referred to as “restoration time”. The aforesaid distribution is obtained as a marginal distribution of the joint distribution of the numbe...

Mar 10, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Fireman Numerical Solution of Some Existing Optimal Control Problems

J. O. Olademo, A. A. Ganiyu, M. F. Akimuyise
This study employs the Fireman Method in the solutions of optimal control problems of the form, under an admissible control , which causes  to follow admissible trajectory ...