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Sep 29, 2018Open    AccessArticle

A Snapshot of a Homogeneous Spinning Universe

Barbaro Quintero-Leyva
A snapshot of the circular speed as a function of the radius in a spin-ning-homogeneous spherical universe was obtained using a mass-dependent characteristic-acceleration in the Modified Newtonian Dynamics (MOND paradigm as a modified 2nd law of Newton) with and without considering the impact of the relativistic speed. To consider the impact of the relativistic speed the Extended Newtonian Theory (E

Sep 26, 2018Open    AccessArticle

The Quantization Relations for the Metric Tensor of Gravitons

Piero Chiarelli
By using the gravity equation for quantum mechanical systems that takes into account the non-local interaction of the quantum potential the paper derives the quantization of the graviton in the limit of weak gravity. The output of the theory shows that, in the non-Minkowskian quantum approach proposed, where the coupling between the gravitational equation and the field is explicitly defined, a massless boson fie

Sep 13, 2018Open    AccessArticle

The Phase-Space Noncommutativity Effect on the Large and Small Wave-Function Components Approach at Dirac Equation

Ilyas Haouam
By the large and small wave-function components approach we achieved the nonrelativistic limit of the Dirac equation in interaction with an electromagnetic potential in noncommutative phase-space, and we tested the effect of the phase-space noncommutativity on it, knowing that the nonrelativistic limit of the Dirac equation gives the Schrodinger-Pauli equation.

Jun 26, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Nuclear Electromagnetic Generator: Introduction in Neutron Algebra and Elements of Neutron Kinetics

V. Yu. Tertychny-Dauri
In the work, the problem of neutron kinetics in general view taking into account the all groups of delayed neutrons is solved. Conception of the matrix of complete neutron kinetics is introduced and are determined its properties. In the task about a finding of overt form for the solution of kinetic equations, the separation method and the reducing method of integrodifferential task to integral task with the aid of match

May 18, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Gravitational Redshift and Dark Matter: Application to SO-2’s Case

Stéphane Le Corre
The star SO-2 at the galactic center will be soon at its closest distance to the supermassive black hole (SMBH). It will allow measuring relativistic effects. In [1] the dark matter is explained by the second component (gravitic field) of the general relativity generated by the clusters. In this theoretical frame, the gravitic field of the galaxies cannot explain the dark matter at their ends. But despite this, it seems possible t

May 17, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Nuclear Electromagnetic Generator: Introduction in Charge Algebra and Elements of Charge Kinetics

V. Yu. Tertychny-Dauri
This work is devoted to solution of some problems connected with kinetic equations of reproduction for charged particles and charged splinters of the fission inside of nuclear toroidal electromagnetic generator (nuclegen). There are discussed questions of solutions behaviour for charged equations. Special attention is paid to charge kinetics of the nuclegen under the influence of small random

Apr 19, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Nuclear Electromagnetic Generator: Mathematical Model on Toroidal Vacuum Scheme

V. Yu. Tertychny-Dauri
This article be parenthetic to the cycle of works devoted mathematical description of analytical means for the solution of some problems of the nuclear electromagnetic generator functioning. These problems are connected with the parameters calculation of external electromagnetic field on the toroid and parameters of charged kinetics which products this field is induced. General scheme of action for the nuclear electromagnetic toro

Apr 18, 2018Open    AccessArticle

The Electromagnetic Unification of Four Forces and Electromagnetic Structures of Particles

Zi-Jian Cai
Recently, the book “Electromagnetic Unification of Four Forces” (ISBN978-3-659-76798-2) was published, compiling the progressions in physics made by the world people, manifested in television while led notably by me and the Members in the world satellite networks from India, Zhejiang and USA. Many important progressions were achieved, such as the spatially localized electromagnetic mass structure; the electromagneti

Mar 27, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Gravitational Deflection of Celestial Bodies and Photons

Barbaro Quintero-Leyva
The gravitational deflection angle of celestial bodies travelling near the sun with large eccentricity was derived using the extended Newtonian theory (ENET) and Einstein general theory of relativity (GTR). It was found that the non-Newtonian gravitational deflection of celestial bodies for ENET is 1.5 times the prediction of GTR. The deflection angle of the photon however coincided with the light deflection of GTR. It was als

Mar 05, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Analysis of the Motion of Frenkel-Kontorova Dislocations in Single Crystals of Aluminum with Allowance for the Peierls Barrier

Mileta Arakelyan
The regularities of the motion of a one-dimensional Frenkel-Kontorova dislocation in pure aluminum at helium temperatures are studied. Computer simulation was carried out using the sine Gordon equation, written in dimensionless variables. It is proven that when the transition to dimensionless variables the discreteness of the model is preserved. The dependence of the true values of stresses on