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Jun 08, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Annual Production Plan of Mine Based on Linear Programming

Shulin Jiang, Zhao Zhang, Qiaozhi Sang
In order to solve the difficulty of the arrangement of ore production at each mine site during the transition from open pit to underground mining in Shirengou iron mine. Taking the largest amount of mining as the objective function, each deposit storage capacity, ore dilution rate, ore loss rate and grade as the constraints, thus the linear programming model was established and solved by lingo

May 31, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Gas Condensate Wells Simulation to Optimize Well Flow Performance Using Tubing Equations Coupled with Inflow-Performance-Relation (IPR) Curve

Ahmadreza Ejraei Bakyani, Alireza Rasti, Sajjad Qazvini, Feridun Esmaeilzadeh
Wells performance is evaluated by IPR curves that show the relationship between bottomhole pressure and inflow rate. This curve and its outcome equation can be applied for production schedule and maintenance management of well and reservoir. But, the measuring of bottomhole pressure to approach these curves needs much time and high expenses and also running special tools in wells. In these operations, the probability of catastroph

May 11, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Study on the Cause of Car Accidents at Intersections

Fan Fan
The accident data used in this paper are all collected from the traffic accident investigation team of Shanghai University of Engineering Science from 2008 to 2017. The analysis is based on full and detailed data. The conclusion can provide a reliable basis for the prevention of car accidents in domestic intersections. The content of this paper can be summarized as follows: The fault tree analysis method is used to analyze the tra

Nov 29, 2017Open    AccessArticle

Statistical, Data-Driven Approach to Forecasting Production from Liquid-Rich Shale Reservoirs

Ibukun Makinde
The oil and gas industry needs fast and simple techniques of forecasting oil and gas production. Forecasting production from unconventional, low permeability reservoirs is particularly challenging. As a contribution to the continuing efforts of finding solutions to this problem, this paper studies the use of a statistical, data-driven method of forecasting production from liquid-rich shale (LRS) reservoirs called the Principal C

Apr 17, 2017Open    AccessArticle

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Process for Sustainable Mining and Mineral Management Development

Vijayan Gurumurthy Iyer
Strategic environmental assessment (SEA) process can be broadly defined as a study of the impacts of a proposed project, plan, project, policy or legislative action on the environment and sustainability. SEA process has been aimed to incorporate environmental and sustainability factors into mining and mineral (MM) project planning and decision making (MMPPDM) process. Sustainable MM development is a kind

Dec 10, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Utilizing Mine Tailings as Substitute Construction Material: The Use of Waste Materials in Roller Compacted Concrete

Renato Guiao Gopez
Mine tailings (MT) have been used in previous studies as substitute construction material to recycle waste products, especially in hollow blocks and bricks production and as masonry mortar. This study investigated the use of Philex copper-gold mine tailings (PCGMT) in roller compacted concrete (RCC) production, a mining waste material consisting of finely grinded siliceous particles was obtained from Tailings Pond number 2 (TP2) of a Philippine copper and gold mining company. A comprehensive exp...

Nov 13, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Maintainability Analysis Software of Mine’s Hoist System Based on Genetic Algorithms for Data Collection Periods of Three and Six Months

Chao Xu, Nick Vayenas
Equipment failures and associated maintenance have an impact on the profitability of mines. Implementing maintenance at suitable time intervals can save money and improve the reliability and maintainability of mining equipment. This paper discusses aspects of maintainability prediction for mining machinery. For this purpose, a software tool, called GenRel, is developed. In GenRel, it is assumed that failures of mining equipment caused by an array of factors follow the biological evolution proces...

Jan 28, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Identification and Ceramic Application of Some Tunisian Clays

Salah Mahmoudi, Ezzeddine Srasra, Fouad Zargouni
Mineralogy, chemistry, and plasticity of the raw clay materials, outcropping in different Tunisian domains were studied. These clays constitute the only mineral resource of the ceramic industries in Tunisia, and are exploitable at eight quarries. Powder X-ray diffraction analysis revealed that illite and kaolinite are the major mineral phases. However, other clay minerals, such as illite/ smectite mixed-layer, and chlorite are also present. The associated minerals detected in powdered materials ...

Aug 13, 2014Open    AccessArticle

Behavior of Platinum Group during Their Pyrometallurgical Recovery from Spent Automotive Catalysts

Georgios Kolliopoulos, Efthymios Balomenos, Ioanna Giannopoulou, Iakovos Yakoumis, Dimitrios Panias

The behavior of platinum group metals (PGMs) during their recovery with smelting of spent automotive ceramic catalysts powder in the presence of metallic copper at elevated temperatures is studied in this paper. Two different metal recovery mechanisms proved to be active in this process: 1) Wetting of micro-dispersed particulates of PGMs in the slag by molten copper, formation of copper droplets with attracted microparticles of PGMs and settling of the m


Jul 31, 2014Open    AccessArticle

Wear Properties of Hot Extruded Aluminum Powder Compacts

Mohammed Y. Abdellah, M. Mahmoud Moustafa, Ashraf T. Mohamed, G. T. Abdel-Jaber

Aluminum powder compacts have low wear resistance due to the reduction in ductility. The ductility enhances using the metalwork technology like the hot extrusion process. The wear test is done using pin on disc machine for all hot extruded aluminum compacted specimen reinforced with 1, 2, 3, and 4 copper wires, and extruded at 450℃. The load is applied by dead weights (1600 gm) at 4 variable linear velocities of 0.628, 0.942, 1.25 and 1.57 m/sec at