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Jul 24, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Parameter Weight Analysis of Car Side Impact Accident Reconstruction

Chong Li
In order to improve the accuracy of car side collision accident reconstruction, a domestic accident case is taken as an example to reconstruct the accident through PC-CRASH and design the orthogonal experiment. Through experiments, the weight ranking of PC-CRASH side impact reconstruction is obtained. According to the weight of the parameters, the accident case is reconstructed again. The results show that th

Jul 24, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Optimization of AEB Key Parameters in Car to Electric-Two-Wheeler Accidents

苏敏 汤
In order to determine the optimal value of key parameters of automatic emergency braking (AEB) system, an optimization method based on real accident simulation is proposed. Accident reconstruction of 65 car to electric-two-wheeler collision accidents was carried out by using PC-Crash. According to the different parameter values of AEB system radar, the virtual accident reconstruction results are obtained. The optimal value of key

Jul 16, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Experimental and Numerical Study on Thermal Conductivity of Rice Husk Filled Epoxy Composites

Ramesh Chandra Mohapatra
In the present work, thermal conductivity of rice husk (200 μm mesh size) filled epoxy composites has been studied experimentally & numerically. In this study, a successful fabrication of a rice husk filled epoxy composite with different filler content is possible by hand lay-up technique. An experimental approach was used to determine the thermal conductivity of rice husk filled epoxy composites using Lee’s apparatus. The result

Jul 06, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Cruise Control System Based on Joint Simulation of CarSim and Simulink

Shengchao Zhao, Lijing Zhu
In order to solve the difficulty of the driver’s continuous steering project in the FSEC, the research on the cruise control system based on the fuzzy PID control is carried for assisting the driver’s operation. Firstly, the input and output of fuzzy control is determined, and the fuzzy rule table is established to complete the design of fuzzy PID control system. Secondly, the fuzzy controller is established in MATLAB, and the f

Jun 29, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Simulation Analysis of DC-DC Circuit Based on Simulink in Intelligent Vehicle Terminal

Weiran Li, Guoping Yang
With the popularization of intelligent transportation systems, intelligent vehicle terminal has emerged. As the most important part of the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), the smart vehicle-mounted terminal integrates technologies such as the Internet of Things, satellite navigation technology, and even artificial intelligence, and is now widely used in various modes of transportation. The output voltage of automotive vehi

May 31, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Gas Condensate Wells Simulation to Optimize Well Flow Performance Using Tubing Equations Coupled with Inflow-Performance-Relation (IPR) Curve

Ahmadreza Ejraei Bakyani, Alireza Rasti, Sajjad Qazvini, Feridun Esmaeilzadeh
Wells performance is evaluated by IPR curves that show the relationship between bottomhole pressure and inflow rate. This curve and its outcome equation can be applied for production schedule and maintenance management of well and reservoir. But, the measuring of bottomhole pressure to approach these curves needs much time and high expenses and also running special tools in wells. In these operations, the probability of catastroph

May 30, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Effects of Altitude on Power Performance of Commercial Vehicles

Furong Liang, Linshuai Zhang
Different atmospheric pressure and ambient temperature of different altitude affect the dynamic performance of vehicle. Subject to laboratory conditions, this paper builds a simulation model of a commercial vehicle based on GT-Power software to study the dynamic performance of a commercial vehicle at different altitudes by acceleration time, maximum gradability and maximum speed of vehicle evidently. Advanced turbocharging techniq

May 25, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Modeling and Numerical Simulation of Hydrogen Production from Dimethyl Ether Steam Reforming

Lei Guo, Cong Li
In order to study the steam reforming process of dimethyl ether, a kind of reformer reactor with thermal jacket, heat pipe and catalytic reaction bed was designed. The effects of reaction gas temperature, molar ratio of water to ether and the structure parameters of the reactor on the conversion of dimethyl ether, the yield of hydrogen, the hydrogen concentration at the outlet of the reactor a

May 24, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Research on Diesel Engine Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Based on Air System and NOx Virtual Sensor Model

Xuejun Li, Miao Liu, Chuanchang Li
As of the beginning of 2017, the number of motor vehicles in our country exceeded 300 million. Motor vehicle emissions are one of the most important sources of atmospheric haze. Therefore, vehicle emissions and energy consumption have always been important research directions for emission reduction and energy saving. In this paper, IOC (intake oxygen concentration) observer and feedforward controller of EGR

May 23, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Simulation Research on PID Control of Automotive Stability Based on Genetic Algorithm Optimization

Rongxu Zhang, Bo Zhao
According to the ideal vehicle model with two degrees of freedom of the transverse effect of yaw rate and sideslip angle of the vehicle stability, the yaw rate and side slip angle as the control parameter of vehicle stability control system, through the PID control algorithm and the Genetic Optimization PID control algorithm is studied on the simulation diagram, and building in matlab/simulink, the author makes a comparison an