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Jan 24, 2019Open    AccessArticle

Design and Performance Evaluation of a Variable-Feed Hydrous-Bioethanol Fuel Injector for Retrofitted Engine

Alexis T. Belonio, Manuel Jose C. Regalado, Marvelin L. Rafael, Katherine C. Villota, Phoebe R. Castillo
A variable-feed hydrous-bioethanol fuel injector (VFHBFI) for retrofitted en-gine was designed and evaluated to provide a technology that would allow spark-ignition engines commonly used by farmers be fuelled with hydrous bio-ethanol from nipa. With this technology, farmers can make use of their farm resources to fuel their engines making them less dependent on imported fossil fuel. The VFHBFI consists o

Dec 21, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Development of an Appropriate Rice-Based Biomass Gasifier as Source of Power for Farm Use

Alexis T. Belonio, Manuel Jose C. Regalado, Phoebe R. Castillo
An appropriate rice-based (ARB) biomass gasifier was designed and de-veloped for farmers’ use. The gasification properties of rice-based biomass were determined before doing the design. The gasifier was built using salvage petrol drums, metal bars and concrete as primary construction materials. It has a 30 cm-diameter reactor insulated with refractory cement. A 10 cm-o cross flow scrubber with 30 cm-thick packed-bed filter is used

Feb 28, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Climate Variability Adaptation Strategies: Challenges to Livestock Mobility in South-Eastern Burkina Faso

Charles L. Sanou, Daniel N. Tsado, André Kiema, Julia O. Eichie, Appollonia A. Okhimamhe
This research work aims to study the perceptions of pastoralists and agro- pastoralists on climate change impacts on mobile herding and the effectiveness of herders’ adaptive strategies within Kompienga Province, south-eastern region of Burkina Faso. In order to achieve this aim, survey data were retrieved from 271 respondents and analysed. From respondents’ perceptions, climate change is real and is negatively affecting forage av

Feb 24, 2016Open    AccessArticle

Performance Evaluation of Bedene Alemtena Small Scale Irrigation Scheme in Hallaba Special Woreda, Southern Ethiopia

T. Dessalew, A. Ayalew, T. Desalegn, Markoss Mathewos, Getahun Alemu
The aim of study was to assess the overall performance of Bedene Alemtena small scale irrigation scheme using internal and external performance indicators. Primary data were collected from three farmers’ field situated at the upper, middle, and downstream of the main canal. Discharge measurements and soil sample analysis were conducted, and secondary data were collected from Halaba Kullito Bureau of Agriculture. CROPWAT 8.0 computer model was used to calculate the crop water requirements. From t...

Nov 28, 2014Open    AccessArticle

Portable Rice Hull Stove: An Innovation

Eduardo Zeta Ramis
This research is an innovation of the portable rice hull stove equipment to save time, investment, manpower and the environment. A desired distance of 5 cm bottom height of the inside burner from ash retainer is obtained as the critical point in achieving the best combustion process. The unique characteristic of this innovative design is the perforated inside and outside burners and the detachable inside burner for easy replacement and durability of this stove. Specifically, this rice hull stove...

Oct 28, 2014Open    AccessArticle

Semi-Auto-Open Portable Electric Vulcanizer (SAO-PEV): An Innovation

E. Z. Ramis
In this 3rd study—Semi-Auto-Open Portable Electric Vulcanizer (SAO-PEV) is to minimize the delayed opening of the vulcanizing head for releasing and removing the vulcanized rubber tire and to eradicate the haphazard operation after the post vulcanization process. This machine is made of steel materials with GI pipes gauge 20 with a configuration of an elongated letter “C” with a mica heating element that were attached to the vulcanizer head and the Electronic Control Unit (ECU); thus,...