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Semiconductor Fluorinated Carbon Nanotube as a Low Voltage Current Amplifier Acoustic Device

DOI: 10.4236/wjcmp.2020.101002, PP. 12-25

Keywords: Carbon Nanotube, Fluorinated, Acoustoelectric Effect, Low Voltage, Acoustic Device

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Acoustoelectric effect (AE) in a non-degenerate fluorinated single walled carbon nanotube (FSWCNT) semiconductor was carried out using a tractable analytical approach in the hypersound regime \"\", where q is the acoustic wavenumber and \"\"is the electron mean-free path. In the presence of an external electric field, a strong nonlinear dependence of the normalized AE current density \"\", on \"\" (\"\"?is the electron drift velocity and \"\"is the speed of sound in the medium) was observed and depends on the acoustic wave frequency, \"\", wavenumber q, temperature T and the electron-phonon interactions parameter, \"\". When \"\", \"\"decreases to a resonance minimum and increases again, where the FSWCNT is said to be amplifying the current. Conversely, when \"\", \"\" rises to a maximum and starts to decrease, similar to the observed behaviour in negative differential conductivity which is a consequence of Bragg’s reflection at the band edges at T=300K. However, FSWCNT will offer the potential for room temperature application as an acoustic switch or transistor and also as a material for ultrasound current source density imaging (UCSDI) and AE hydrophone devices in biomedical engineering. Moreover, our results prove the feasibility of implementing chip-scale non-reciprocal acoustic devices in an FSWCNT platform through acoustoelectric amplification.


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