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Parents facing school violence problem. Los padres frente al fenómeno de la violencia escolar

Keywords: Violencia escolar , padres , origen , intervención , prevalencia

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It is important to emphasize the role that parents play in their children development process together with their involvement in the emerging antisocial behaviors. That is the reason why parents have been considered, in all researches, as one of the involved agents in school violence, together with teachers and students themselves. From this fact, we can gather that it will be significant to know parents’ opinion on the different questions related to school violence. For this purpose, this research analyses parents’ opinion regarding questions related to school violence such as: the origin, the current situation, the role performed by their own children (aggressors, victims or observers) and the people needed to get involved to eliminate this type of behaviors. In order to make this research, we have used the “Predicting factors of school violence Questionnaire for parents” in a sample of 414 fathers/mothers/guardians between 23 and 60 years old; an average age of 41,8 years (DT=5,9). The results show that the majority of parents point out that school violence has risen regarding when they were children. Parents also add that school violence is rising year after year highlighting the social context of the individual as main field which influences in its etiology and considering as necessary the joined intervention of parents and teachers. Parents consider their intervention as more important than teacher’s intervention or parents and teachers joined intervention. Keyword: School violence, parents, origin, intervention, prevalence. Es importante hacer hincapié en el papel que los padres poseen en el proceso de desarrollo de sus hijos así como su implicación en la emergencia de conductas antisociales. De ahí que sean considerados, en todos los estudios como uno de los agentes implicados en la violencia escolar, junto con los docentes y los propios alumnos. De ello, se desprende que también será significativo conocer su opinión a cerca de diferentes cuestiones relacionadas con ella. Es por ello, que el presente estudio analiza su opinión acerca de cuestiones relacionadas con la violencia escolar como son: el origen, la situación actual, el papel que desempe an sus propios hijos (agresores, víctimas u observadores), y quién consideran es necesario que intervenga para eliminar este tipo de conductas. Para ello, se ha utilizado el Cuestionario de factores predictores de la violencia escolar para padres a una muestra total de 414 padres/madres/tutores con una edad comprendida entre los 23 y 60 a os, y una media de edad de 41,8 (DT=5,9). Los resultados nos mues


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