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Apr 30, 2021Open    AccessArticle

The Trust in Online Shopping during COVID-19: Case Study from Kosovo

Abetare Prebreza, Blerona Shala
Consumer trust with online shopping is directly dependent on a few factors. There is a constant dilemma in the market related to the question which online shopping determinants affect the customer trust. Online purchasing is becoming increasingly common as a purchasing mode. This paper deals with the analysis of customer satisfaction, with the aim of utilizing the empirical research on the Kosovo market in COVID-19 period in order to determine the connection between customer trust and certain de...
Open Access Library J. Vol.8, 2021

Feb 26, 2021Open    AccessArticle

Spending Habits of Public School Teachers in Palayan City

Fhrizz S. De Jesus, Margie B. De Jesus
As the salary rise for teachers has been an on-going issue, the researchers studied the spending habits of the teaching personnel and their reasons in borrowing money from financing institutions. This study was conducted in twenty-two public schools in Palayan City with a total of one hundred seventy-seven teaching personnel as respondents. Descriptive research was used in this study through survey questionnaire and interview method in order to reveal the relationship between variables and to an...
Open Access Library J. Vol.8, 2021

Feb 19, 2021Open    AccessArticle

Probit Model Analysis of Tourists’ Revisit Intention to Nepal

Noora Shrestha
This study discusses on the identification of the tourists’ destination satisfaction attributes and the influence of these factors on their revisit intention to Nepal. This study used the survey methodology for data collection and involved the distribution of self-administered questionnaires to a sample of tourists. An exploratory factor analysis, with principal component analysis and varimax rotation, was used to extract significant factors related to satisfaction with destination features. Usi...
Open Access Library J. Vol.8, 2021

Jul 31, 2019Open    AccessArticle

Identifying Factors That Hinder the Acceptance of Chinese Brands among US Consumers

Kathryn Virzi, Carol Parrington
China has become a major player in the global economy over the past decade. Recent political turmoil between China and the US coupled with the rising rates of China’s currency has prompted the Chinese government to invest in building brand equity among Chinese brand names (Si, 2014). In spite of mak-ing large financial investments, setting up corporate headquarters in the US, and receiving con
Open Access Library J. Vol.6, 2019

Jun 05, 2019Open    AccessArticle

Incomplete Information Choice on Incumbents, Cognitive Ability and Personality

Sergio Da Silva, Raul Matsushita, Mauricio Ramos
In choices under incomplete information on incumbents, consumers with stronger preferences are more likely to reinforce their prior choices with motivated reasoning. However, in situations where incomplete information is restricted only to the prior choice, consumers with stronger preferences are more likely to abandon, not reinforce, their prior choices due to cognitive dissonance. Here, we consider how cognitive ability and pers
Open Access Library J. Vol.6, 2019

Oct 29, 2018Open    AccessArticle

The Effect of Social Media Marketing on Brand Awareness through Facebook: An Individual-Based Perspective of Mobile Services Sector in Egypt

Hana Othman ElAydi
The growing usage of social media is changing the businesses’ method re-sponding to consumer’s needs and wants and increasing the chances for firms to market their products and services in a customized and personal way. Nev-ertheless, there are still needed answers concerning to what extent social media platforms as marketing tools are being employed by companies and their effect on brand awareness in mobile service providing indu
Open Access Library J. Vol.5, 2018

May 31, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Gabon Wood Industry and Chinese Companies Activities

Aba’a Ondo Yoan, Yongji Xue, Mesmin Junior Mbyamm Kiki
The investments made by the Asian companies, in particular, the Chinese companies in the forestry sector in Gabon over the past fifteen years, appear each day more and more important. These companies are indeed specialized in the buyout of multinationals, permit or to Gabonese capital and companies in the business of “farming” with forest concessions of national operators. In this paper, we are going to a
Open Access Library J. Vol.5, 2018

Feb 28, 2018Open    AccessArticle

An Analysis of the Financing Methods of Chinese Listed Companies—Taking TaiChi Group as an Example

Xianping Yuan, Xiaomei Ma
Raising funds is the starting point of the enterprise's production and management activities. The financing of enterprises involves many problems, among which the choice of financing means is a very important part. Taking TaiChi Group as an example, this paper discusses the financing characteristics of Chinese listed companies and analyzes the existing problems. Finally, it puts forward countermeasures and suggestions
Open Access Library J. Vol.5, 2018

Apr 01, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Validating Customer Loyalty Model Using Structural Equation Modelling in a Kenyan Hospital

Mahuro G. Mbuthia, Egondi Thaddaeus
In healthcare services, customer satisfaction measurement is increasingly gaining emphasis due to researchers’ and clinicians’ desire which is to get outcomes that reflect varying unique patient perceptions. Ultimately, the main aim of every patient is to have their disease or health problem alleviated. These parameters alienate healthcare service from other service contexts. The study sought to assess quality levels and examine drivers of patients’ loyalty in Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairo...
Open Access Library J. Vol.2, 2015

Nov 26, 2014Open    AccessArticle

Consumerism in American Society and the Role of Government

Fred Bedell
This essay speaks to the fact that the United States is a consumptive society, as we are dependent on producers to provide the goods and services necessary to maintain our daily living requirements. It addresses a correlation between historical policies and presents events and practices that continue to undermine public policies that benefit the consumer. Most importantly, the role of government is to provide health and safety for the population and protect it from a corrupt political system tha...
Open Access Library J. Vol.1, 2014


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