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May 08, 2021Open    AccessArticle

A Comparative Study of ARIMA and Holt-Winters Exponential Smoothing Models for Rice Price Forecasting in Tanzania

Yohana James Mgale, Yunxian Yan, Shauri Timothy
Time series models are promising tools for forecasting commodity prices. However, their applications to guide producers in agricultural investments and marketing decisions are still limited. This article compares the ARIMA and Holt-Winters Exponential Smoothing models in terms of forecasting the monthly wholesale rice price in Tanzania. Even with very little difference, the Holt-Winters additive model showed the best results for forecasting rice prices compared to the ARIMA model. Thus, both mod...
Open Access Library J. Vol.8, 2021

Feb 04, 2021Open    AccessArticle

Determinants of Small and Medium Size Enterprises Access to Credit Schemes in the Mezam Division of Cameroon

Ngoe Mukete, Zhou Li, Beckline Mukete, Namondo Irene, Aminkeng Terence, Coulibaly Abdoulaye, Kossi Fandjinou, Romeo Ekoungoulou, Fousseni Folega, Sajjad Saeed, Patrick Amah, Eric Zama
Promoting small and medium size enterprises is a governmental strategy aimed at achieving national economic development through poverty alleviation, employment creation and other income generation activities. This study examined the determinants of small and medium size enterprises access to credit schemes around Mezam Division located in the North West Region of Cameroon. A two-stage sampling technique was used to obtain data from over 294 enterprises. Descriptive statistics and logit regressio...
Open Access Library J. Vol.8, 2021

Jan 28, 2021Open    AccessArticle

Impact of One Belt, One Road Initiatives on African Infrastructure Development

Helex Kayembe, Yunjian Lin, Lazarus Obed Livingstone Banda, Colleen Mbughi, George N. Chidimbah Munthali, Xuelian Wu, Jane Thokozani Banda
Background: China is one of the developing countries that have witnessed tremendous growth in all sectors of development. One of the strategies that China is using is the reintroduction of the 21st Century Silk Road Economic Belt Development Initiative which moves across the world creating trade partners all around the world. Some of the African countries are among the beneficiaries in this initiative especially in terms of infrastructure development which is ranked behind as co...
Open Access Library J. Vol.8, 2021

Nov 27, 2020Open    AccessArticle

An Assessment of the Water, Irrigation, and Food Security by a Fishbone Analysis in Turkey

A. Ahmet Yücer, Feyza Nur Ayhan
The use of water resources is ineffective although Turkey has insufficient freshwater resources. Dry farming is practiced in a large part of agricultural land. This land due to insufficient precipitation throughout the country is left to fallow once in two years. Agricultural drought is becoming a severe challenge for agriculture and food security, and it may also impact the wealth of farmers by agriculture income. So, it causes widespread concern among the rural population. There is a close rel...
Open Access Library J. Vol.7, 2020

Aug 21, 2020Open    AccessArticle

Effects and Choices of Environmental Pollution Liability Insurance in Provinces of China

Xinkuo Xu, Chenyang Jiao
China began a pilot application for environmental pollution liability insurance in 2008. Although implementation situations vary substantially in different regions in China, it is appropriate to test how much contribution pollution insurance may make to environmental risk mitigation and other factors. Based on an analysis of pollutant emissions and investment completed in the treatment of industrial pollution, we find that pollution liability insurance, both compulsory and voluntary, does not wo...
Open Access Library J. Vol.7, 2020

Jun 03, 2020Open    AccessArticle

Consumer Perceptions and Behaviour toward Credit Usage in Kenya

Davis Bundi Ntwiga, Arthur Wafula Wanyonyi
Consumer behaviour and perceptions evolve over time and affect credit usage from the financial service providers. We use the 2016 FinAccess Household survey data of 2015 from 8665 households to examine how perceptions and behaviour of un(der) banked consumers can shape their dynamics towards credit usage. The perceptions and behaviour are based on source of financial advice, trust of the institutions, characteristics of the financial instrument and cost of credit. The multinomial logistic regres...
Open Access Library J. Vol.7, 2020

Jun 02, 2020Open    AccessArticle

Research on the Reclassification of Financial Assets

Congcong Gou
In order to better meet needs of the development of market economy, the Ministry of Finance revised the classification and transfer of financial assets in 2017, which would have a series of impacts on financial accounting after the revision. About how to implement the financial assets standard better, this paper uses comparative analysis, literature collection and other methods; combines with practical work to make a systematic study; analyzes the background of the revision, reclassification con...
Open Access Library J. Vol.7, 2020

Dec 18, 2019Open    AccessArticle

Study on the Influence of International Terrorism on China’s Foreign Direct Investment

Xi Zhang
In recent years, there have been frequent international terrorist activities. Needless to say, this presents a great security risk to China’s foreign direct investment. This paper explains the current situation of global terrorist ac-tivities and China’s foreign direct investment, analyzes the harm of terrorist activities to foreign direct investment, and then proposes response measures from the government and enterprise levels.
Open Access Library J. Vol.6, 2019

Aug 28, 2019Open    AccessArticle

The Determinants of Capital Structure: Evidence from Egyptian Listed Firms

Abdel Rahman Hussein, Ahmed Sakr, Alaa Abdel Barie
In the finance literature, there has been an increasing interest on what are the determinants of capital structure of firms; the determinants of capital structure of more developed economies are the main concern of the existing literature. This proposal aims to expand this literature by ascertaining the determinants of capital structure in an emerging economy like Egypt. In this research, regression analysis is used to test the re
Open Access Library J. Vol.6, 2019

Jul 22, 2019Open    AccessArticle

Research on the Influence of Investor Concern on the Market Performance of Coal Listed Companies

Hongxia Li, Xu Yang
Since the beginning of the 21st century, the stock market has experienced many outbreaks of bull market, and stocks have gradually entered the public’s field of vision from a small investment field. In the era of big data, how can investors make correct information from a large amount of in-formation? The choice becomes the most critical issue. This paper selects 17 listed companies in the coal industry in 2018 as th
Open Access Library J. Vol.6, 2019


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