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Apr 10, 2024Open    Access

The Existence Result for a Fractional Kirchhoff Equation Involving Doubly Critical Exponents and Combined Nonlinearities

Tianqing Zhang
This paper zeroes in on the existence result of solutions to a fractional Kirchhoff equation with doubly critical exponents, mixed nonlinear terms and a continuous potential V. After utilizing some energy estimates, one obtains the effect of exponents p and q on the existence of constrained minimizers, namely, the connection between the existence of normalized solutions and exponents p, q.
Open Access Library J.   Vol.11, 2024

Apr 03, 2024Open    Access

Semilinear Fractional Elliptic Equation of Normal Solution

Tao Li
In this paper, a semilinear elliptic equation of fractional order is constructed by combining the semilinear elliptic equation with the fractional order equation. On this basis, the “standardized” solution, which is often sought by physicists, is studied. In order to overcome the problem of lack of boundness, we set up appropriate conditions to prove the existence of the solution by means of variational theorem and the mountain road theorem.
Open Access Library J.   Vol.11, 2024

Dec 29, 2023Open    Access

Dynamical Localization of the Quasi-Periodic Schrödinger Operators

Walid Refai
In this paper, we study the spectral properties of a family of discrete one-dimensional quasi-periodic Schrödinger operators (depending on a phase theta). In the perturbative regime and in large disorder, under some conditions on v and a diophantine rotation number, we prove by using KAM theory that this operator satisfies both Anderson and dynamical localization for all θ∈[0,2π).
Open Access Library J.   Vol.10, 2023

Apr 12, 2023Open    Access

Existence of Solutions for Fractional Klein-Gordon-Maxwell Systems

Tao Li
In this paper, we study the existence of solutions to the fractional Klein-Gordon-Maxwell equations. We use the Lions lemma and the mountain pass theorem to prove the existence of solutions.
Open Access Library J.   Vol.10, 2023

Jun 15, 2022Open    Access

Ground State Solutions for p-Fractional Choquard-Kirchhoff Equations Involving Electromagnetic Fields and Critical Nonlinearity

Xueqian Yan
This paper is concerned with the existence of ground state solutions for p-fractional Choquard-Kirchhoff equations involving electromagnetic fields and critical nonlinearity. Under assumptions on the nonlinear term, by applying the method of Nehari manifold, we obtain that the equation possesses a ground state solution.
Open Access Library J.   Vol.9, 2022

Aug 30, 2021Open    Access

Existence of Solutions for Klein-Gordon-Maxwell Equations Involving Hardy-Sobolev Critical Exponents

Xin Zhang
We investigate the existence of solutions for Klein-Gordon-Maxwell equations involving Hardy-Sobolev critical exponents. By means of the Ekeland’s variational principle and the Mountain Pass Theorem, we obtain that there is at least a nontrivial solution for the subcritical system. Then we prove that there are at least two different solutions for the critical system.
Open Access Library J.   Vol.8, 2021

Oct 16, 2020Open    Access

Operator Matrices on Banach Spaces

Nan Hua, Ning Kang, Huan Liao
Since nonlinear schur theorem was proposed, it broke the limitation of linear operator matrices. And in this paper we study the summability theory for a class of matrices of nonlinear mapping, and the characterizations of a class of infinite matrix transformations are obtained. These results enrich the results on infinite matrices transformations, and have important meaning for the study of Banach space.
Open Access Library J.   Vol.7, 2020

Dec 24, 2019Open    Access

Fixed Point Theorem for Meir-Keeler Type Function in b2-Metric Spaces

Zhuoyi Tian, Jinxing Cui, Linan Zhong
In this paper, we prove fixed point theorems of a generalization which is related to the concept of Meir-Keeler function in a complete b2-metric space. And we know it extends and generalizes some known results in metric space to b2-metric space.
Open Access Library J.   Vol.6, 2019

Aug 29, 2019Open    Access

The Power Integrations of Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions

Ahmed M. Ali, Omar M. Abd-Alkanee
For importance of the trigonometric integrals, we have in this paper finding a series of power, some of trigonometric functions that did not exist before in the first section. As shown in the Section two, where, the integration of trigono-metric function with power n has been achieved and approved, this result is considered as the first achievement. while in the third section we find integrals
Open Access Library J.   Vol.6, 2019

Nov 28, 2018Open    Access

On Almost Pretopological Vector Spaces

Shallu Sharma, Madhu Ram, Sahil Billawria
In this paper, we introduce the notion of almost pretopological vector spaces and present some examples of almost pretopological vector spaces. Almost pretopological vector spaces are defined by using regular open sets and pre-open sets. The relationships of almost pretopological vector spaces with certain other types of spaces are provided. Along with some useful results, it is proved that in
Open Access Library J.   Vol.5, 2018


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