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Dec 12, 2014Open    AccessArticle

Weathering of Petroleum Biomarkers: Review in Tropical Marine Environment Impacts

Claudia Y. Reyes, ícaro T. A. Moreira, Daiane A. F. Oliveira, Naijane C. Medeiros, Marcos Almeida, Fernanda Wandega, Sarah A. R. Soares, Olívia M. C. de Oliveira
Weathering of biomarkers is a physical, geochemical and biological process that alters the oil components. Whether in petroleum geochemistry or environmental impact studies, knowledge of mechanisms, residence times and chemical intermediates is essential to describe the scientific and technical bases of oil deterioration. This report attempts to review the concepts of oil weathering and its biomarkers specifically, in order to inform studies related to the impact of spills in marine environments...
Open Access Library J. Vol.1, 2014


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