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Jul 04, 2024Open    Access

Characterization and Evaluation of Some Technological Properties of a Clay Soil Sample Collected at Loudima (Congo-Brazzaville)

Ngoma Placide Julien,Foutou Paul Mozalin,Loubaki Raunel,Banzouzi Samba Vivien Igor,Moutou Joseph-Marie
This work aims to characterize clay soil taken from Loudima, one of the localities in the department of Bouenza in Congo Brazzaville. X-ray diffraction, infrared spectroscopy, MEB, X-ray chemical analysis and mechanical tests were performed. The results obtained show that the Loud soil sample is a mixture of Kaolinite (41.33%), quartz (16.03%) and iron oxide (2.93%). By chemical analysis, we noted that the SiO2/Al2O3 ratio = 2.16, which indicates that this soil c...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.11, 2024

Feb 09, 2015Open    Access

Magnetic, Electrical and Magnetotransport Properties of Mg(Fe0.8Ga0.2)2O4 δ Obtained by Pyrohtdrolitic Method

A. V. Trukhanov, S. V. Trukhanov, O. P. Smirnov, A. A. Kulikov, H. Szymczak
The magnetic, electrical and magnetotransport properties of spinel-type Mg(Fe0.8Ga0.2)2O4 δ ceramic ferrites have been investigated. The results of the investigations temperature and field dependences of magnetization and resistivity are presented and analyzed. The data of neutron scattering were found to be in good agreement with the Neel model of ferrimagnetism. This compound is magnetomonophase ferrimagnetic in the wide range of temperatures,...
Open Access Library J.   Vol.2, 2015


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