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Control territorial a través de puestos de observación y peaje en el Camino del Inca. Tramo Morohuasi - Incahuasi, Salta-Argentina

Keywords: inca roads, observation, posts, control, toll.

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over the mountainous country located east of the quebrada del toro (bull's gorge), district of rosario de lerma, salta, an important path of the incan road is found, which was quoted by eric boman in the early 20th century. along approximately 70 km of road which includes the morohuasi- incahuasi path, we believe a complete sequence of sites associated to the road have been discovered, that holds a continuity, practically uninterrupted and scarce deterioration of anthropic origin. on the path we registered a total of twenty five new archaeological sites and structures, with direct and indirect relationship to the road, proposing two types of morphological sites, on which we did not find information in the bibliography consulted. this distribution suggests a section controlled by the inca state. these sites are located on the incan road, on the borders or on the nearby slopes. the amount of these observation points and tolls, located along almost 70 km of the studied road, suggest a sector highly controlled by the inca state. given the productive significance of the territory and its direct association with archaeological sites of the late and inca periods, possibly with a high density of population or administrative importance, the present research opens a new panorama for the meaning and integration of the data and research on a regional scale.


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