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Comprimento da estaca e tipo de substrato na propaga??o vegetativa de atroveran

DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84782007000400040

Keywords: ocimum selloi benth., medicinal plant, cutting.

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the vegetative propagation of medicinal species is in increasing agronomic interest because it is the starting point and a basic tool for any cultivation in commercial scale. the objective of this work was to determine the best shoot cutting length and the best substrate for vegetative propagation of ocimum selloi. cuttings were placed in greenhouse conditions under intermittent mist. two cutting sizes (10 and 20cm) and three substrate types (washed sand, carbonized rice hulls and commercial substrate plantmax?) were tested. the experiment was in blocks randomly distributed in four replications and five cuttings for parcel. after thirty five days the percentage of rooting, the length of the bigger root (cm) and the leaf and root dry weight (mg) were analysed. the results indicated that the vegetative propagation of ocimum selloi by cuttings is viable, once its mean rooting was over 70%. it was not observed significative interaction within the adopted treatments. the cuttings with 20cm length presented larger leaf and root dry weight but the percentage of rooting and the length of the bigger root was not affected by the cutting lenght. the substrate types did not present effect on the development of the cuttings. the production of ocimum selloi seedlings is recommended with 20cm length cuttings using any substrate tested.


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