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Simulation of NaCl and KCl mass transfer during salting of Prato cheese in brine with agitation: a numerical solution

DOI: 10.1590/S0104-66322007000300004

Keywords: multicomponent diffusion, finite element method, biot mass-exchange number.

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the association of dietary nacl with arterial hypertension has led to a reduction in the levels of this salt in cheeses. for salting, kcl has been used as a partial substitute for nacl, which cannot be completely substituted without affecting product acceptability. in this study a sensorially adequate saline solution (nacl/kcl) was simultaneously diffused during salting of prato cheese in brine with agitation. the simultaneous multicomponent diffusion during the process was modeled with fick?s second generalized law. the system of partial differential equations formed was solved by the finite element method (fem). in the experimental data concentration the deviation for nacl was of 7.3% and for kcl of 5.4%, both of which were considered acceptable. the simulation of salt diffusion will allow control and modulation of salt content in prato cheese, permitting the prediction of final content from initial conditions.


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