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Cibercultura e literatura: hipertexto e as novas arquiteturas textuais

DOI: 10.1590/S1517-106X2005000200003

Keywords: hypertext, cyber culture, authorship, cyber city, textuality.

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the object of this study is to analyse the implications of the new technologies in the perceivable (reader) and technical (author) forms of textual production. cyberculture, the result of the trivialisation of personal computers and of the new relationships created by virtual communities in an environment characterised by interactivity, has imposed a new paradigm. our focus is the relationships established between literature, cyberculture and the cybercity by the newly emerging textual forms. what is the role of the book in cyberspace and in immersive environments? how would temporality be defined in the contemporary text, characterized by a growing fractality? if hypertext is characterised as something opposed to linear text, how may we define hypertext in relation to printed text, a product characterised by the notion of the author and individuality?


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