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Estado de conservación de Eulychnia iquiquensis (Schumann) Britton et rose (Cactaceae) en el extremo norte de Chile

DOI: 10.4067/S0717-66432007000100010

Keywords: population, eulychnia iquiquensis, coastal fog ecosystems, arica, iquique, northern chile.

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this study shows the localization, distribution and conservation status of e. iquiquensis along the northernmost coast of chile. living populations of e. iquiquensis are present only in five of the ten fog ecosystems registered, between 18o 38's - 70o 20'w and 21o 23's - 70o 03'w, among 600 and 1000 m altitude. we describe demographic, phenological and morphological aspects. no more than 20 individuals are still alive in each locality, with density of less than 1 ind/ha. exception to that occur in chipana (21o15's) that correspond to the southernmost study area with 3.000 cacti estimate and 5 ind/ha. e. iquiquensis present a high mortality in northern chile as in camaraca (93%), punta gruesa (45%), patache (42%) and chipana (66%). the background here exposed are enough to comfirm this species as endangered, where the northernmost population at camaraca and pta. madrid are in critically endangered and at junin, iquique and pabellon de pica no alive individual were registered


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