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Myxomycetes de Florianópolis (Santa Catarina - Brasil)

DOI: 10.1590/S0102-33061994000100007

Keywords: myxomycetes, brazil, state of santa catarina.

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a survey on myxomycetes was made in the woods of lagoa do peri and lagoa da concei??o in 1990, considering the absence of reports of this kind for the city of florianópolis, when the following species were registered: lycogala exiguum morg. (enteridiaceae); cribraria languescem rex, c. vulgaris schr. (cribrariaceae); arcyria cinerea (bull.) pers. hemitrichia serpula (scop.) rost., h. calyculata (speg.) fair and hemitrichia sp (trichiaceae); stemonitis fusca roth, and s. smithii macbr. (stemonitaceae). exicates are deposited at the herbarium ufp. lycogala exiguum is noted for the first time in the state of santa catarina, cribraria languescem in the south and cribraria vulgaris in brazil. the survey raises up the number of registers refered to the state of santa catarina to 47 species. a review of the studies on this group of organisms in santa catarina is given as well as the area where each species occur in this state and in different regions of brazil.


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