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Electronic data collection for the analysis of surgical maneuvers on patients submitted to rhinoplasty

Keywords: rhinoplasty , medical informatics , database.

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Introduction: In the health field, computerization has become increasingly necessary in professional practice, since it facilitates data recovery and assists in the development of research with greater scientific rigor. Objective: the present work aimed to develop, apply, and validate specific electronic protocols for patients referred for rhinoplasty. Methods: The prospective research had 3 stages: (1) preparation of theoretical data bases; (2) creation of a master protocol using Integrated System of Electronic Protocol (SINPE ); and (3) elaboration, application, and validation of a specific protocol for the nose and sinuses regarding rhinoplasty. Results: After the preparation of the master protocol, which dealt with the entire field of otorhinolaryngology, we idealized a specific protocol containing all matters related to the patient. In particular, the aesthetic and functional nasal complaints referred for surgical treatment (i.e., rhinoplasty) were organized into 6 main hierarchical categories: anamnesis, physical examination, complementary exams, diagnosis, treatment, and outcome. This protocol utilized these categories and their sub-items: finality; access; surgical maneuvers on the nasal dorsum, tip, and base; clinical evolution after 3, 6, and 12 months; revisional surgery; and quantitative and qualitative evaluations. Conclusion: The developed electronic-specific protocol is feasible and important for information registration from patients referred to rhinoplasty.


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