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Inferencia y racionalidad en Hegel

Keywords: hegel, logic, reason, semantics, concepts.

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hegel's logic is usually read as a book in metaphysics. against this reading, i will argue that it ought rather to be read as a philosophy of logic, the main feature of which is its critique of formalism. the following claims capture the core of hegel's anti-formalism: 1) formalism cannot explain logical validity; 2) logical properties cannot be reduced to grammatical properties; 3) the content of every concept can be accounted for in terms of the inferential relations it holds with other concepts; 4) logical validity can be accounted for in terms of the relations a reasoning maintains with some conceptual contents (ideas). this conception of logic results from a criradicalisation of a kantian thesis and aims at a normative theory of conceptual practices, not at an ontology.


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