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May 23, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Simulation Research on PID Control of Automotive Stability Based on Genetic Algorithm Optimization

Rongxu Zhang, Bo Zhao
According to the ideal vehicle model with two degrees of freedom of the transverse effect of yaw rate and sideslip angle of the vehicle stability, the yaw rate and side slip angle as the control parameter of vehicle stability control system, through the PID control algorithm and the Genetic Optimization PID control algorithm is studied on the simulation diagram, and building in matlab/simulink, the author makes a comparison an

May 17, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Resilient Back-Propagation Algorithm in the Prediction of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV

T. O. James, S. U. Gulumbe, A. Danbaba
Prediction of a child HIV status poses real challenges in medical research. Even though there are different statistical techniques and machine learning algorithms that have been used to predict models like HIV for the clinical data with binary outcome variables, yet neural network techniques are major participants for prediction purposes. HIV is the primary cause of mortality among women of reproductive age globally an

Apr 20, 2018Open    AccessArticle

A Predictive Model for Graduate Application to Enrollment

Vahid Lotfi, Bradley Maki
This study involved an investigation of factors that affect a graduate applicant in accepting an offer of admission and enrolling in a graduate program of study at a mid-sized public university. A predictive model was developed, using Decision Tree methodology to assess the probability that an admitted student would enroll in the program during the semester following acceptance. The study included actual application information su

Apr 08, 2018Open    AccessArticle

The Sun’s Movement in the Sky Now and in the Past

Joseph J. Smulsky
The paper considers the theory of the phenomena associated with the Sun’s passage in the sky when the parameters of the orbital and rotational motion of the Earth are changing. The author found that the obliquity changes from 14.8° to 32.1°. These results explain the variations of paleoclimate and are consistent with several testimonies of paleoastronomy. The program SunPhenomn.mcd developed in MathCad to calculate the duration of

Mar 27, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Sensitivity Analysis of Dengue Model with Saturated Incidence Rate

M. M. Ojo, B. Gbadamosi, Adebimpe Olukayode, Ogundokun R. Oluwaseun
Dengue is a flavivirus, transmitted to human through the bites of infected Aedes aegypti and A. albopictus mosquitoes. In this paper, we analyze a new system of ordinary differential equations which incorporates saturated in

Feb 27, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Working with Color Readings: Application of Regression Models for Determining the Concentration of Substance

Xinyuan Pan, Yan Cui
This study first considered using 5 dimensions/variables of color readings (including blue, green, saturation, red, hue) to predict the concentration of matter. The procedure was demonstrated using internet acquired data in the public domain. A stepwise regression method based on software MATLAB was used to build a model to predict the concentration of the sulfur dioxide. In the course of the study, we also discussed other linear

Feb 12, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Comparison of Mathematical Methods to Obtain Concentration and Temperature of Newtonian Fluids in Tubular Reactors

Diego Alves de Miranda, Renato Cristofolini, Emerson José Corazza, Gilson Joao dos Santos, Claiton Emilio do Amaral
In several areas of engineering, it is possible to put real problems in mathematical functions; when we represent a problem with variables in the form of function, we were able to extract various information from it. This paper compared two different mathematical methods, being the finite difference method and the Fourth Order Range-Kutta method, to analyze the concentration and temperature of

Jan 31, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Fixed Point Results for Weakly C-Contraction Mapping in Modular Metric Spaces

Jinwei Zhao, Qianqian Zhao, Bo Jin, Linan Zhong
In this paper, we introduce the concept of weakly C-contraction mapping in modular metric spaces. And we established some fixed point results in w-complete spaces. Our results encompass various generalizations of Banach contraction.

Jan 16, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Aumann Integral on Time Scales

Iguer Luis Domini Dos Santos
In this paper, we consider by the first time the Aumann integral on time scales. Hence, we introduce the Aumann -integral on time scales. We also have established properties for the Aumann -integral on time scales. In particular, we obtain a

Oct 31, 2017Open    AccessArticle

Unique Common Fixed Point in b2 Metric Spaces

Jinxing Cui, Jinwei Zhao, Linan Zhong
We establish some common fixed and common coincidence point theorems for expansive type mappings in the setting of b2 metric space. Our results extend some known results in metric spaces to b2 metric space. The research is meaningful