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Jan 25, 2019Open    AccessArticle

Analysis of Thermal Conduction in the Machine Border Collapse: Numerical and Experimental Comparison

Giancarlo Ferreira Matos, Diego Alves de Miranda
The success of a design of a machine manufacturing line is directly related to the efficiency in the use of raw material and components, requiring a total control of the process. In this work the numerical simulation was applied to analyze the conduction of heat transferred in the Edge gluing machine Smc1 and to validate the simulations with the temperature differences collected experimentally. These validations were performed wit

Nov 23, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Some New Types of Transitivity and Minimality

Mohammed Nokhas Murad Kaki
In this paper, we introduce and study the relationship between two different notions of transitive maps, namely topological α-transitive maps, topological θ-transitive maps and investigate some of their properties in two topological spaces (X, τα) and (X, τθ), τα denotes the α-topology (resp. τθ denotes the θ-topology) of a given topological space (X, τ). The two notions are defined by using t

Sep 13, 2018Open    AccessArticle

The Phase-Space Noncommutativity Effect on the Large and Small Wave-Function Components Approach at Dirac Equation

Ilyas Haouam
By the large and small wave-function components approach we achieved the nonrelativistic limit of the Dirac equation in interaction with an electromagnetic potential in noncommutative phase-space, and we tested the effect of the phase-space noncommutativity on it, knowing that the nonrelativistic limit of the Dirac equation gives the Schrodinger-Pauli equation.

Aug 14, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Compact-Open and Point Wise Convergence Topologies

Mohammed Nokhas Murad Kaki
In this paper, we have investigated and introduced some new definitions of transitivity on the set of all continuous maps, denoted by , called the point-wise convergence transitive, the compact-open transitive and point wise convergence topological transitive sets. Relationship between these new defini-tions is studied. Finally, we have introduced a number of very important topo-logical concepts and shown that every compact-open

Aug 13, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Suzuki-Type Fixed Point Results in b2-Metric Spaces

Jinxing Cui, Linan Zhong
A common fixed point theorem for Suzuki-type contractions in the setting of b2-metric space is established in this paper. Our result extends some known results from metric spaces to b2-metric space. The research is meaningful and I re

Jul 25, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Unique Common Fixed Points for Mappings Satisfying φ-Contractions on b2 Metric Spaces

Yihao Sheng, Jianping Ren, Linan Zhong
In this paper, we construct the convergence sequences on b2 metric spaces and prove that mappings satisfying the φ contractions have the unique common fixed point, and the conclusion we obtained generalized many results on 2 metric spaces.

Jul 19, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Fixed Point Results of Contractive Mappings by Altering Distances and C-Class Functions in b-Dislocated Metric Spaces

Jani Dine, Kastriot Zoto, Arslan H. Ansari
In this work, we recall definition of functions called as C-class and use the concepts of dislocated metric, b-dislocated metric, altering distance function. We prove some coincidence, fixed and common fixed point results for two pairs of weakly compatible mappings under-contractive conditions and contractive conditions depended on another function T

Jul 06, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Modified Legendre Collocation Block Method for Solving Initial Value Problems of First Order Ordinary Differential Equations

Toyin Gideon Okedayo, Ayodele Olakiitan Owolanke, Olaseni Taiwo Amumeji, Muyiwa Philip Adesuyi
In this paper, block procedure for some k-step linear multi-step methods, using the Legendre polynomials as the basis functions, is proposed. Discrete methods were given which were used in block and implemented for solving the initial value problems, being continuous interpolant derived and collocated at grid points. Some numerical examples of ordinary differential equations were solved using the derived metho

Jul 06, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Cruise Control System Based on Joint Simulation of CarSim and Simulink

Shengchao Zhao, Lijing Zhu
In order to solve the difficulty of the driver’s continuous steering project in the FSEC, the research on the cruise control system based on the fuzzy PID control is carried for assisting the driver’s operation. Firstly, the input and output of fuzzy control is determined, and the fuzzy rule table is established to complete the design of fuzzy PID control system. Secondly, the fuzzy controller is established in MATLAB, and the f

May 23, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Simulation Research on PID Control of Automotive Stability Based on Genetic Algorithm Optimization

Rongxu Zhang, Bo Zhao
According to the ideal vehicle model with two degrees of freedom of the transverse effect of yaw rate and sideslip angle of the vehicle stability, the yaw rate and side slip angle as the control parameter of vehicle stability control system, through the PID control algorithm and the Genetic Optimization PID control algorithm is studied on the simulation diagram, and building in matlab/simulink, the author makes a comparison an