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Apr 11, 2019Open    AccessArticle

Effects of Different Inducer on the Accumulation of Essential Oil from Endophytic Fungi of Cinnamomum longepaniculatum

Kuan Yan, Ping Yuan, Qin Wei
The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of different inducer on the accumulation of essential oil in C. longepaniculatum endophytic fungus. The effect of the essential oil accumulation in the C. longepaniculatum fungus was studied by adding different inducer with an C. longepaniculatum endophytic fungus (serial number 2J1) with the ability of producing essential oil. The results sh

Mar 27, 2019Open    AccessArticle

Zooplankton of Sarikamish Lake (Uzbekistan)

X. X. Abdinazarov, M. J. Madumarov, S. M. Haydarov
The total of 35 species of zooplankton organisms were found on the Sarikamish lake, 17 of which were armor, 10 species of cladocers and 8 species of copra. New 7 species of Lecane punctate, Lecane stenosis, Colurella adriatica, Colurella obtusa, Lepadella ehrenbergi were found to be new to Fergana valley (Uzbekistan).

Mar 06, 2019Open    AccessArticle

Effects of Bacillus subtilis QM3 on Germination and Antioxidant Enzymes Activities of Wheat Seeds under Salt Stress

Qingping Hu, Rongxia Liu, Jinxiu Liu
Salt is an important environmental factor that affects wheat growth and development and restricts crop production. Bacillus subtilis QM3 is a strain of antagonistic strains which have biological control function. In this paper, the effects of wheat seed, and soaked treatment by B. subtilis QM3, on germination and antioxidant enzyme activities under salt stress were studied. The results showed that under salt stress, B. subtilis QM

Dec 28, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Optimization Ultrasound Assisted Extraction of Carotenoids from Rhodopseudomonas faecalis PSB-B

Qingping Hu, Yan Wang
The content and species of carotenoids are significantly affected by different carotenoids extraction methods. The comparison of the three methods ultrasonic assisting, grinding and HCl assisting on carotenoids extraction yield from Rhodopseudomonas faecalis PSB-B was carried out. Data ANOVA showed that ultrasound can greatly replace the conventional extraction. And then, based on ultrasonic assisting

Oct 31, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Mendel Actually Wants to Say: Genes Are Only One Element of the Hereditary Material

Muying Zhou
The individual comes from a fertilized egg, indicating that the individual’s producer, namely the hereditary material, must be in the egg. “Modern genetics” includes the belief that genes are the hereditary material. Thus, the claim that “synthetic life” was created using a man-made genome has been made. However, molecular biology has proven that genes are only templates for individuals. The template has the controlling product’s

Jun 26, 2018Open    AccessArticle

The Origin of Life Discovered: ΣRNA

Muying Zhou
Since 1992, scientific knowledge has been enough to determine the origin of life: “life originated through RNA”. The truth is that current life world on Earth is just an RNA world, since the protein is created by RNA, then DNA as life’s database is created by RNA along with reverse transcriptase (a protein of RNA making). The two life series on the planet originated through two RNA groups (named ΣRNA ): IΣRNA and IIΣRNA . IΣRNA

May 29, 2018Open    AccessArticle

The Answer to the “First Question” in Genetics: The Hereditary Material

Muying Zhou
The basis of genetics should be the hereditary material which should be able to produce the individual. DNA (Genes) is ever regarded as the producer of the individual. However, DNA being lack of producing force can not produce the individual. So, this paper’s task is to look for another element, producing force, which along with genes (DNA) forms the hereditary material. And finally the paper

Mar 12, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Endogenous Forest Development Paradigm: Challenging Current Forest Conservation Practices in Ghana

Thomas Agana, Millar Katherine Kaunza, David Millar
The centre of Ghana development is land that plays a vital role. This article focused mainly on the rapid land degradation and deforestation due to bush fires, poorly managed grazing, farming and agricultural conversion, current forest/woodland governance systems and major policy gaps that were identified. A combination of methods used included: Extensive study of secondary literature/reports/programmes/write-ups (from 1999-2004),

Mar 07, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Effects of Vitamin D Supplementation on Lipid Profile and Plasma Glucose of Preeclamptic Women in Ibadan, Nigeria

Ayobola Abimbola Sonuga, Modupe Fisayo Asaolu, Oyebola Oluwagbemiga Sonuga
Biochemical metabolites are implicated in preeclampsia, which include elevated plasma concentration of Triglycerides (TG), Low Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol (LDLC), total lipids and reduced High Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol (HDLC) concentrations and significant reductions in fasting plasma glucose, and serum insulin homeostasis model of assessment. Vitamin D supplementation seems to be a possible target for intervention and p

Mar 06, 2018Open    AccessArticle

A Study of the Variation of Uremia, Creatinine and Total Proteinemia during Heart Failure

A. Mbaz Ruth Kamb, Kabengele Arlette Ndaya, Kamona Charles Kimuni, Mulongo Pauline Kalenga, Kasongo Narcisse Mwinkeu
Some diseases are accompanied with a change in biological parameters of which the dosage is possible in urine or blood. Previous studies have shown changes in parameters in kidney failure. The latter causes an impairment of the heart function later on. We have carried out a study of changes in biological parameters in people suffering exclusively from heart failure without any associated diseases or complications. The