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May 08, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Physical and Chemical Parameters and Some Heavy Metal for Three Rainy Season Months in Water and Sediments of Upper New Calabar River, Niger Delta, Nigeria

Awoteinm Dateme Isaiah George, Jasper Freeborn Nestor Abowei
The study of heavy metals in water and sediment was carried out in the upper reach of the New Calabar River, Niger Delta region in Nigeria. Three sampling stations were selected which were Choba, Ogbogoro and Aluu. Water and sediment samples were collected and analysed, using the buck scientific Atomic Absorption/Emission spectrometer 200 A model. Water Physico-chemical parameters were measured i

Apr 18, 2018Open    AccessArticle

The Recruitment Pattern of Liza falcipinnis from Elechi Creek, Upper Bonny, Niger Delta, Nigeria

Awoteinm Dateme Isaiah George, Jasper Freeborn Nestor Abowei
The Recruitment Pattern of Liza falcipinnis from Elechi creek of Upper Bonny, Niger Delta, Nigeria was studied from (March 2009-January 2010). The pattern showed all year round recruitment with two peaks (one major and one minor) during the period of the study. The parameters obtained were L = 19.96, K = 0.40 y

Nov 04, 2016Open    AccessArticle

Density-Dependent Effect Occurs Regardless of Density

Kazumi Sakuramoto
Maximum sustainable yield (MSY) is the most important concept in fisheries resource management. MSY can be established based on the concept of the density-dependent effect. However, the concept that a density-dependent effect controls the fluctuation of the population living in the ocean is controversial. This paper discusses the validity of the density-dependent effect focusing on the stock-recruitment relationship (SRR). In many

Sep 30, 2016Open    AccessArticle

Physical Quality, Proximate Composition and Trimethylamine Content of Clarias gariepinus (Cat Fish) Stored with Local Spices

Adamu Tuntuwa Jummai, Charls Andrew Negbenebor, Bamidele Joseph Okoli
The objective of the study was to reduce post-harvest losses by developing a fish chub using Clarias gariepinus and to determine the effect of Monodora myristica (local nutmeg) and sorbitol on the physical quality, proximate composition and trimethylamine content of the product. Cooled smoked

Aug 12, 2016Open    AccessArticle

Construction and Analysis of the Immune Effects of a Streptococcus agalactiae Surface Protein ScpB Vaccine Encapsulated with Polylactic-Co-Glycolic Acid (PLGA)

Xiaoli Ke, Qingyong Li, Xiaotian Li, Zhigang Liu, Maixin Lu, Hong Yang
In order to find an effective immune preparation to control tilapia streptococcus disease, the Streptococcus agalactiae surface protein serine protease C5a peptidase (ScpB) was cloned and the recombinant protein was encapsulated in poly (lactide-co-glycolic acid) (PLGA) microspheres, which wer

Mar 29, 2016Open    AccessArticle

An Assessment of Some Heavy Metals in Sediment of Otamiri River, Imo State, South-Eastern Nigeria

Adebayo Ebenezer Temitope, Lawrence Azubuike Ebeniro, Ajiboye Gabriel Oyediran, Tope Joan C-Oluwatosin
An assessment of some Heavy Metals in Sediment of Otamiri River, Imo State, South-Eastern Nigeria was conducted between the months of August to October, 2015. Water samples were collected from four sampling stations established along the river channel for 3 months (fortnightly). Physic- chemical parameters were analyzed following conventional field and standard laboratory techniques. Temperature range between 24.25℃ - 30.50℃, Hydrogen ion mean concentration value of 7.01 ± 0.19 ppm was obtained,...

Mar 11, 2016Open    AccessArticle

Improving Food Security in an Eco-Friendly Manner through Integrated Aquaculture

Olawale Ahmed Onada, Oluniyi Solomon Ogunola
As the global population increases, demand for food, most especially protein, will increase. The increasing production from agriculture, including forestry and fisheries, has, however, contributed significantly to global food security but most often at the expense of environmental deterioration. Integrated aquaculture (IA) can guarantee and sustain adequate food security in environmentally friendly manner. Integrated fish farming is a diversified and coordinated way of farming with fish as the m...

Dec 28, 2015Open    AccessArticle

An Assessment of Fresh Water Piscine Diversity in Selected Wetlands in Coimbatore District, Tamilnadu, India—A Preliminary Study

B. Dhanalakshmi, P. Priyatharsini
In the present study, a survey was done to mainly focus on piscine diversity in the wetlands of Coimbatore District, because it is considered as a good indicator of balanced and healthy ecosystem. The present survey study has shown that selected sampling site (Perur, Muthanankulam and Kurichi) wetlands supported 40 species of fishes belonging to 4 orders 07 family and 21 species during the study. Among the species, Cyprinidae was the most dominant group representing 08 species, Siluridae with 03...

Nov 11, 2015Open    AccessArticle

Length-Weight and Some Morphometric Relationships of Valamugil seheli from Sudanese Red Sea Coast

Motasim Ali Mokhtar, Osman Mohammed Farah, Sayed Mohammed Ali
Length-weight relationship is an essential biological parameter needed to appreciate the suitability of the environment for any fish species. That is why many fishery biological studies give an importance to it. The relationships between total length and body depth and girth are very important in estimating the allowable catch and appropriate mesh size to be used in a fishery. Length-weight and some morphometric relationships (depth-total length, girth-total length and dorsal fin length and anal...