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Nov 28, 2019Open    AccessArticle

The Spatial Redistribution of Chemical Elements and Their Isotopes in Layered Intrusions Provided by the Gradients of a Temperature, of a Pressure and of a Deformation, Using Lukkulaisvaara Intrusion (North Karelia) as an Example

Alexander Kh. Zilbershtein, Alexander A. Chaihorsky, Vladimir S. Semenov
The spatial local anomalies of the concentration ratios for isotopes 143Nd/144Nd (or εNd) and 87Sr/86S in Lukkulaisvaara intrusion (North Karelia) were discovered. The physical mechanisms and the descriptions of the effect of an arising of those anomalies were developed and presented. The base of the proposed mechanisms is the phenomena of the migration (diffusion) of components, due to the (T, P (or D)) gradients. The description of the processes of a...

Apr 26, 2019Open    AccessArticle

Seasonal Variations in Groundwater of the Phreatic Aquiferous Formations in Douala City-Cameroon: Hydrogeochemistry and Water Quality

Richard Ayuk Akoachere, Sonia Ebot Egbe, Thomson Areapkoh Eyong, Sophie Ngomune Edimo, Simon Ngomba Longonje, Diana Besem Tambe, Nji Bihmimihney Nelly
This study was to determine the seasonal variations of groundwater, the influence of the rock formations on the groundwater solute chemistry and groundwater domestic-agro-industrial quality using hydrogeochemical tools and physicochemical parameters; Ionic ratios, Gibbs diagrams, Piper diagrams, Durov diagrams and water quality indices. From physicochemical parameters; in the rainy season, pH ranged from, 4.6-7.1

Jul 28, 2016Open    AccessArticle

Natural Water Conductivity Behavior within the Seismic Pacific Coast of Southern Mexico

Fidel Martínez-García, Arturo Colín-Cruz, Alberto Pereira-Corona, Salvador Adame-Martínez, Jorge J. Ramírez-García
Clouse to faults or unstable areas where an earthquake could happen with capacity of affecting buildings or infrastructure, there is often a previous energy that wanders around surroundings, this energy regularly is associated to electromagnetic emissions that generate an electric potential frequently studied as very, ultra-low and extreme frequency emissions (VLF-ULFELF_ EM) by remote sensing; under the assumption that this natural potential exist, in aquatic environment within the micro-seismi...

Sep 30, 2014Open    AccessArticle

Radiometric Study in the Itaboraí Region, Brazil

Hans Schmidt Santos, Luíza Viênna Rangel Peixoto
This current paper discusses an application of the aerial radiometric method in the Itaboraí Region, located in Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil. Radiometric data acquired by aircraft registered in counts per second of potassium, thorium and uranium channels were processed generating radiometric maps of the entire region. The generated maps provide important information regarding the superficial geology. At last, all the radiometric information gained is correlated with geological and topographical ...


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