Top Open Access publications matching Sociology
Rankings Journal Title Publisher h5-index
1. Ecology and Society The Resilience Alliance 53
2. European Sociological Review International Agency for Development of Culture, Education and Science 39
3. Demographic Research Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research 27
4. Societies MDPI AG 17
5. Revista de Sociologia e Política Universidade Federal do Paraná 16
6. Economics & Sociology (Ternopil) Centre of Sociological Research 13
7. Revista Internacional de Sociología Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas 13
8. Papers: Revista de Sociologia Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona 13
9. Sociologias Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul 12
10. Revista Mexicana de Sociología Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) 12
11. Journal of Sociological Research Macrothink Institute 11
12. Sociologia Editora Mundos Sociais 10
13. Forced Migration Review University of Oxford 10
14. Sociologija Sociological Association of Serbia and Montenegro 9
15. Advances in Applied Sociology Scientific Research Publishing 8
16. Sociology Mind Scientific Research Publishing 8
17. Sociologia & Antropologia Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro 8
18. Studies in Sociology of Science Canadian Academy of Oriental and Occidental Culture 6
19. Italian Sociological Review QuiEdit. Editoria per l'Università Italiana e Internazionale 5
20. Journal of Comparative Research in Anthropology and Sociology University of Bucharest 4
21. SocietàMutamentoPolitica: Rivista Italiana di Sociologia Firenze University Press 4
22. Sociología Histórica Universidad de Murcia 4
23. GISAP: Sociological, Political and Military Sciences International Academy of Science and Higher Education(IASH) 1
   The listed h5 indexes were originated from Google Scholar Metrics updated in June 2017.
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