Top Open Access publications matching Physics
Rankings Journal Title Publisher h5-index
1. Physics Letters B Elsevier 118
2. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Copernicus Publications 86
3. Physical Review X American Physical Society 77
4. New Journal of Physics IOP Publishing 77
5. Nuclear Physics B Elsevier 69
6. Communications in Mathematical Physics Springer New York 54
7. Journal of Physics: Conference Series Institute of Physics (IoP) 42
8. Physical Review Special Topics. Accelerators and Beams American Physical Society 36
9. Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics Oxford University Press 30
10. International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy Scientific Publishing House "DARWIN" 25
11. Open Physics De Gruyter Open 22
12. International Journal of Physical Sciences Academic Journals 20
13. Frontiers in Physics Frontiers Media S.A. 18
14. Advances in Materials Physics and Chemistry Scientific Research Publishing 16
15. Journal of Modern Physics Scientific Research Publishing 16
16. Results in Physics Elsevier 16
17. Advances in Mathematical Physics Hindawi Publishing Corporation 16
18. Progress in Physics HEXIS (Arizona) 13
19. Chinese Journal of Physics Physical Society of the Republic of China 12
20. World Journal of Condensed Matter Physics Scientific Research Publishing 11
21. Journal of Nano- and Electronic Physics Sumy State University 11
22. Journal of Medical Physics Medknow Publications 11
23. Ukrainian Journal of Physics National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine 11
24. Turkish Journal of Physics TUBITAK 11
25. International Journal of Applied Physics and Mathematics International Academy Publishing 11
26. Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics Scientific Research Publishing 10*
27. Physics Research International Hindawi Publishing Corporation 10
28. EJNMMI Physics Springer 10
29. Open Journal of Physical Chemistry Scientific Research Publishing 9
30. Journal of Biomedical Physics and Engineering Shiraz University of Medical Sciences 9
31. African Review of Physics The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics 9
32. Journal of Advanced Physics American Scientific Publishers 9
33. International Journal of Medical Physics,Clinical Engineering and Radiation Oncology Scientific Research Publishing 8*
34. Open Journal of Biophysics Scientific Research Publishing 8*
35. Electronic Journal of Theoretical Physics Electronic Journal of Theoretical Physics 8
36. Journal of High Energy Physics, Gravitation and Cosmology Scientific Research Publishing 7*
37. UPEJ (Unnes Physics Education Journal) Universitas Negeri Semarang 7
38. Physio-Géo Physio-Géo 7
39. Physical Science International Journal ScienceDomain International 6
40. Europhysics News EDP Sciences 6
41. Journal of Physical Science and Application David Publishing 6
42. Open Journal of Microphysics Scientific Research Publishing 5*
43. Latvian Journal of Physics and Technical Sciences Versita 5
44. Jurnal Neutrino Universitas Islam Negeri Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang 4
45. Iranian Journal of Physics Research Isfahan University of Technology 3
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