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"Agua que cura, agua que alimenta": La dietética para sanos y el uso del agua en la sociedad espa?ola bajomedieval y moderna

Keywords: health, sickness, drinking, water, dietary for healthy people, prevention, healing, feeding.

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in order to be healthy it was essential to maintain a bodily balance as well as a spiritual and a behavioural one. but there are factors and elements that might influence health and must be taken into account. they are the "sex res non naturales", outer factors like environment, food and beverage, work and rest, sleep and vigil, excretion and features of temperament- which influence health and sickness. our focus will be on one of the "six non natural medical things": the act of drinking. while the impulse of eating is hot and dry, the impulse of drinking is cold and wet. this is why the drive to drink is satisfied with different qualities of water. liquids can be considered as mere beverages, as food or as medicine. from the point of view of individual health and of medicine, water has a double character as an element that feeds and as an element that heals at the same time. we will analyze the problem of the drinking and administration of water through the analysis of the benefits that water brings to human beings in terms of health: water that is drunk and water that heals.


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