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La creación de la observancia regular en el convento de San Esteban de Salamanca durante el reinado de los Reyes Católicos

Keywords: castile, dominican, observance, catholic kings, salamanca.

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in 1486 the reformers of the dominican order, supported by royal power, appeared at the doors of the convent of san esteban of salamanca in order to incorporate themselves into the dominican congregation. numerous factors drove the observantes to make that decision and the catholic kings to support the plan. the weightiest factor was that the convent was the most famous studia generalia of the peninsula and several of its friars were also prestigious professors at the university of salamanca. the reform entailed the enlistment of the community in a process of social modification which, directly or indirectly, had set itself to influence thoughts, feelings and behaviours in the friars who were under its jurisdiction. also, by virtue of the social influence that the observantes exerted, the convent was favored, economically and demographically by the new situation. during the time that the priors of the order were brother antonio de la pe?a and his successors, and until 1508, moderations were frenzily rejected and requirements zealously reinforced. excessive in their search for reaction, the first observantes probably incorporated into the observances elements alien to the order which is why they were finally rejected.


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