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Anclajes  2008 

Infancia y exilio: La vuelta al suelo en La madriguera de Tununa Mercado

Keywords: contemporary argentinian narrative, t. mercado, childhood storytellings.

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the recovery of past episodes from the perspective of the minimum is one of the generating lines of tununa mercado's poetics. in this regaining, childhood storytelling becomes a recurrent nucleus. the present article intends to analyze the ways of narrating childhood in la madriguera, text in which the remembrance of such memories becomes central as a form of reterritorialization of the writing and consolidation of the author's self-image. this detailed analysis on the author's production will also allow us, on the one hand, to tackle the different ways tununa mercado uses to narrate childhood and; on the other, to confront these ways with the form the author chooses to write about other past experiences of hers as in the case of the narration of exile in en estado de memoria.


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