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Anclajes  2008 

El rostro en el espejo: Ezequiel Martínez Estrada y el símil de una (auto) figuración

Keywords: ezequiel martínez estrada, autobiography, narrative, construction, introspection.

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ezequiel martínez estrada gives shape to the profile of a past life that seems strange to him, which consolidates in the necessary denial of a trajectory delineated in his writings, influenced by the distance that interposes from the duplicity of a self that is unknown and in which the manifestations of a multiple memory interfere. the reconstruction of his personal history operates with the convincing support of the opposite desire, and with the feeling of restlessness that pushes him to reflect on his personal history with the purpose of recognizing his distinctive condition, which exceeds the possibility of what he can narrate. the particular configuration of the characters in the story "no me olvides" (1956) provides them with particular features that separate them from the tipification of his conventions so as to adopt characters that single those peculiar traits out in the frame of representations that move away from what one expects. the figure of the double self polarizes the visible circumstances which are not detachable from his inwardness. the manifestation of his intimate life intwines tightly with his selfconfiguration as an intellectual; the representations he unfolds in his essays are projected in a piece of writing that reinforces the legitimization of the value of truth in his own assertions. such assumptions will be analyzed in the story mentioned above.


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