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Restoration of Urban Landscape Water Bodies and Disposal of Contaminated Aquatic Plants

DOI: 10.12677/ije.2024.132031, PP. 238-242

Keywords: 城市景观,水体修复,水生植物
Urban Landscape
, Water Body Restoration, Aquatic Plants

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With the development of urban industrialization, the pollution of urban landscape water bodies is becoming increasingly severe, and the selection and impact of water restoration technologies have become a hot topic in the field of environmental engineering today. This article summarizes the characteristics of water quality pollution indicators in urban landscape water bodies, compares and analyzes the physical, chemical, and biological ecological technologies for landscape water body remediation, clarifies the advantages of artificial wetlands and ecological floating island technologies in treating landscape polluted water bodies, and also illustrates the problem of producing contaminated aquatic plant waste in this process. For this purpose, a technical and economic analysis was conducted on the disposal technology of this type of biomass waste, including compression, composting, incineration, and heat treatment, to provide technical support for the promotion of urban landscape water ecological restoration technology.


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