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Health  2024 

“OMINO”: A Modern Approach to Postural Standing Reeducation through Breathing Techniques

DOI: 10.4236/health.2024.165027, PP. 383-394

Keywords: Trunk, Core, Stability, “OMINO”, Patient, Rehabilitation

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Postural problems are very common, which is why plenty of Techniques have been created to solve them: Mezieres Technique (including muscle chains), RPG (Global Postural Re-Education, including pelvic diaphragm), Pilates Method (including core muscles), Bobath Concept (including COG, center of gravity) and Yoga. In this work, I show a new way of treating and solving postural problems. I am basing this physiotherapy approach on a new Image I created. Every patient can use it for every correction and change in posture. I called the new Image: “OMINO (little man)”. “Postural Card” could be a good work to make “OMINO” possible. “OMINO” is immediately understandable and, using “OMINO POCKET INSTRUCTIONS”, it can be easily done. Contribution of paper: • Trunk is a vital element for any kind of rehabilitation; • “Core stability is the key to activating the trunk. • Doing OMINO means working on core stability”; • “OMINO makes rehabilitation simple for the patient.


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