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Health  2024 

The Impact and Intervention of Handheld Tai Chi Water-Resistance Fitness Ball on Middle-Aged and Elderly Patients with Parkinson’s Disease

DOI: 10.4236/health.2024.164024, PP. 319-349

Keywords: Parkinson’s Disease, Exercise Compliance, Tai Chi Water Resistance Fitness Ball, Influencing Factors, Intervention Effectiveness

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Through the use of a survey and statistical methods, this study explores the effects and interventions of handheld Tai Chi water resistance fitness balls on the elderly with Parkinson’s disease. Firstly, a questionnaire on exercise compliance for patients with Parkinson’s disease was developed, and its reliability and validity were tested. Then, a survey was conducted to investigate the current status of exercise compliance among Parkinson’s disease patients, including general information, scoring status, and single and multiple factor analyses of influencing factors [1]. The results of the study show that through qualitative research, the dimensions and item pools of the questionnaire were initially constructed, and the reliability analysis of the questionnaire was conducted through Delphi expert consultation, with favorable results in terms of its reliability and validity [2]. Regarding the current status of exercise compliance among Parkinson’s disease patients, the study found that the level of exercise compliance needs improvement, and there are significant differences in exercise compliance levels among patients under different circumstances. Finally, the research results were discussed and conclusions were drawn. The innovation of this study lies in the development of a questionnaire on exercise compliance for patients with Parkinson’s disease and the preliminary qualitative research and Delphi expert consultation conducted on it, providing new ideas and methods for the study of exercise compliance. However, the study also has limitations as it did not examine the effects of other interventions on Parkinson’s disease, so further research should be conducted [3].


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