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An Analysis of the Role of Model Education of Idols in the Context of the Development of “Fan Circle” Culture

DOI: 10.12677/isl.2024.82009, PP. 66-71

Keywords: 偶像崇拜,榜样教育,饭圈文化
, Model Education, “Fan Circle” Culture

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With the development of economy and culture, the idol industry and the “fan circle” culture are born. However, the influence of model is gradually weakened because of unvaried image of models and inappropriate propagandist means. Models and idols are different from each other, so they cannot be treated as the same way. However, models and idols are also related to each other, it is impossible to explore the role of idols in model education. For one thing, idols are more easily accepted. Under the heavy pressure of learning and working, the individual tends to avoid the theoretical and formal ways of model education and choose to accept the lighter idol activities. For another, the influence of an idol on individual is as deep and as long as that of a model. As the important part of idolatry, idols, fans and society must have the right attitude and ways to dispel the confusion from idol industry and the “fan circle” culture and provide a good foundation to excavate the model education function of idols. Firstly, relevant departments need to strengthen the access principle of idols and pay attention to the education and management of idols. Secondly, fans should be led to improve self-awareness, set up a correct concept of star-chasing and be rational to treat idols. What’s more, we should perfect laws and regulation and improve legal awareness of practitioners.


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