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Non-Fragile H Filter Design for Uncertain Switched Neutral Systems with Time-Varying Delays

DOI: 10.12677/dsc.2024.132006, PP. 54-67

Keywords: 不确定性,切换中立系统,LMIs,非脆弱H滤波器
, Switched Neutral Systems, LMIs, Non-Fragile H Filter

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In this paper, we investigated the control problem of a class of parameter uncertain switched systems with time-varying state and neutral delay, and designed non-fragile filters with H performance index for these problems. The parameter uncertainties discussed are norm-bounded, and the H filters are non-fragile with neutral delays. To design a non-fragile H filter for the admissible uncertainties and time-varying delays, we obtained sufficient conditions for the closed-loop system to switch calming and satisfy the given H performance index γ. Firstly, a suitable Lyapunov function is constructed by using Lyapunov stability theory, and the inequality is deflated using the upper bound of the time delay derivative, and we obtained a linear matrix inequality with H performance index. Using convex combination methods and linear matrix inequalities, the corresponding switching rules are constructed. Second, the non-fragile H filter is designed by using the method of linear matrix inequality, and the obtained filter has sufficient conditions. Finally, the validity and feasibility of the theoretical results are demonstrated by numerical simulations. The linear matrix inequality proposed in the paper has the feature of few decision variables with many parameters, which can minimize the conservative of the results.


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