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Structural Mechanics Development at Home and Abroad

DOI: 10.12677/isl.2024.81008, PP. 55-65

Keywords: 结构力学,时间追叙述法,国内外发展历史
Structural Mechanics
, Time Chasing Narration, Development History at Home and Abroad

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Structural mechanics plays an irreplaceable role in engineering design and physics. Structural mechanics can be applied to bridges, buildings, aerospace and other large-scale projects, as well as micro-instruments such as nanostructures and cell structures. Therefore, the study of structural mechanics is of great importance. In order to make a breakthrough in the study of structural mechanics, it is necessary to study the development of structural mechanics. In this paper, the previous materials and literature related to structural mechanics were inquired, several papers were reviewed, and the development of structural mechanics was classified and summarized in chronological order. The general development history of structural mechanics was obtained, and the relationship between structural mechanics and other branches of physics, such as energy, force method and displacement method, was found.


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