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Reflections on the Development of Forestry Carbon Sink in Pan’an County

DOI: 10.12677/IJE.2024.131002, PP. 14-19

Keywords: 碳达峰,碳中和,林业碳汇,磐安县
Carbon Peak
, Carbon Neutralization, Forestry Carbon Sink, Pan’an County

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Pan’an has a good background in ecological resources and broad prospects for the development of forestry carbon sink. Based on the current situation of the forestry carbon sink in Pan’an County, this paper analyzes its potential and development situation, and points out the main problems in the current development of the forestry carbon sink in Pan’an. The countermeasures and sugges-tions for the next step in the development of carbon sink in Pan’an forestry were proposed from three aspects: actively carrying out forest resource expansion, continuing to strengthen forest protection and stable carbon sink, and gradually exploring value conversion and promotion of carbon sink, in order to provide a reference for helping to achieve the carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals and other regional development.


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