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Finance  2024 

A Research on the Effect of MBTI Personality Traits on Risk of Auto Loan Default—An Example of Chang’an Automobile Finance Company

DOI: 10.12677/FIN.2024.141036, PP. 336-343

Keywords: 贷后沟通,违约风险,MBTI,人格差异
Post-Loan Communication
, Default Risk, MBTI,Personality Difference

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本文基于行为金融学的研究方法和思路,研究MBTI (Myers–Briggs Type Indicator,迈尔斯–布里格斯类型指标)人格特征对车贷违约结果的影响。研究主要通过两个步骤进行:首先,通过专家他评的方法,根据贷后通话录音评估长安汽车金融公司844名车贷客户在MBTI四个人格维度上的行为表现,获取其在四个人格维度上的得分;此后,通过逐步前进逻辑回归的统计分析方法,检验四个人格维度对预测车贷违约结果的模型是否有贡献。结果发现,贷款客户在判断–知觉和实感–直觉两个维度上的行为倾向影响其最终还款结果:即在贷后沟通中越强调时间及现实后果的客户,更不易还款违约。
The research was conducted based on the research methodology and ideas of behavioral finance, which investigated the impact of MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) personality traits on automobile loan default behavior. The data was collected and analyzed in two steps: first, the behavioral tendency of 844 automobile loan borrowers of Chang’an Automobile Finance Company on the four personality dimensions of MBTI was assessed based on the post-loan call recordings through the method of expert assessment, and their scores on the four personality dimensions were obtained; thereafter, the four personality dimensions were examined through the method of stepwise logistic regression for statistical analysis to see whether they have a contribution to the model for predicting the risk of loan defaults. It was found that loan borrowers’ behavioral tendencies on the judging-perceiving and sensing-intuition dimensions influenced their final repayment outcomes: i.e., borrowers who placed more emphasis on time and realistic consequences in post-loan communication were less likely to default on their repayments.


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