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Finance  2024 

External Shock, Credit Reporting and Bank Stock Price Fluctuation

DOI: 10.12677/FIN.2024.141031, PP. 290-297

Keywords: 硅谷银行事件,事件研究法,股价波动,征信,银行机构
Silicon Valley Bank Event
, Event Study Method, Stock Price Fluctuation, Credit Investigation, Banking Institution

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Based on the four representative indexes of the US banking industry, this paper uses the event study method to quantitatively analyze the impact of the Silicon Valley Bank incident on the stock price volatility of the US banking market as a whole and banking institutions of different sizes, and studies the role of credit reporting in this process. According to the analysis of the change trend of volatility index, abnormal return and cumulative excess return of the Chicago Board Options Exchange, it is found that the Silicon Valley Bank incident has a greater negative impact on the U.S. banking industry, with a wide range of fluctuations, and also shows that other banks fail to strengthen credit review and risk control measures in time when they are impacted. It is more vulnerable to the impact of not collecting and updating borrower information and asset quality information in a timely manner. On this basis, the paper puts forward some countermeasures and suggestions for the development of the banking industry.


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