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Health  2024 

Effect of Climate Change on Lung Cancer

DOI: 10.4236/health.2024.161006, PP. 60-71

Keywords: Cancer, Lung Cancer, Climate Change

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This research paper aims to draw a relationship between lung cancer and climate change. With the rise of climate change in the last few decades, many organizations and people are concerned about the future of the world. Climate change has many side effects, such as air pollution, which can increase the incidence and death rates of lung and bronchus cancer. This paper aims to draw the relationship between climate change factors and lung cancer incidence and mortality rates. The main finding of this analysis was that there is a positive relationship between lung cancer incidence, death rates, and climate change indicators. The findings from this study have the potential to inform targeted public health interventions and policies, emphasizing the need for proactive strategies in mitigating the health impacts of a changing climate. Section 2 of this paper is a literature review and focuses on the findings of other scholars in this field. Section 3 of this paper is Methods and Processes and will highlight the steps used to create the program and get the results. Section 4 of this paper is Results and Analysis, and will go over the results produced by the machine learning algorithm, and will present graphs and visualizations regarding the relationship of the dependent and independent variables. The final section, Section 5, is Limitations and Conclusion, in which we will discuss possible limitations to both my dataset and my model, and will conclude the paper by presenting a big-picture view of these problems in our society.


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