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Dynamical Analysis of Dendritic Mixed Bursting in a Coupled-Neuron Model of the Respiratory System

DOI: 10.12677/DSC.2024.131004, PP. 33-44

Keywords: Pre-B?tzinger复合体,树突型混合簇放电,分岔分析,快慢变量分离
Pre-B?tzinger Complex
, Dendritic Mixed Bursting, Bifurcation Analysis, Fast-Slow Variable Decomposition

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For mammals, respiration movement is an essential life process that plays a key role in keeping proper body function and survival. The pre-B?tzinger complex in the ventrolateral medulla is a central part of mammals that generates and regulates respiratory rhythm. In this paper, we use the fast-slow decomposition and bifurcation analysis to investigate the effects of inositol triphosphate concentration on dendritic mixed bursting of the two-coupled pre-B?tzinger complex neurons. The research indicates that inositol triphosphate concentration significantly affects both bursting pattern and periodic of the dendritic mixed bursting. Furthermore, we also reveal the dynamical mechanisms underlying the generation and transition of dendritic mixed bursting.


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